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For whose sake?

Technopark Bhavani ground level car parking zone has been witnessing a thuglak style development! “For whose sake ?” – the only soliloquy arises as one happen cross this way!

Did you find the car parking problematic earlier? Except few interlocking tiles in the drive-way found broken because of the extensive use, it was not much troublesome. To maintain the drive smoother, the technopark authorities seem to have decided to remove all the broken tiles and rework it with plain concrete in a lower elevation!! Doesn’t it sound interesting to have the drive-way and parking space in different elevation? Apart the fun, the current design doesn’t allow two sedans to be parked in the same line. And another danger is, a slight miscalculation in applying the extra acceleration to push even a hatchback to the parking space may end up in breaking the sparkling halogen headlamps of the one parked behind in the same line!!

It’s an utter stupidity and we all employees are equally wondered about the mastermind behind this thuglak model maintenance, which made our life miserable than ever! This is high time that we bring this to the attention of top authorities.


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  1. I think this is for making money for the contractors. when i talked to the security people there, they also told the same stories. people are struggling to park their cars and this construction works are going on for the past one month. it would be more troublesome after this.

  2. yes it happened today morning .. a car which took reverse hit in a car which parked just behind. because of the hump, its very difficult to put exact acceleration.