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Misleading Serial In Asianet – ‘Padasaram’ Insults Techie Women

Asianet serial Padasaram abusing Women working in technopark >> A new malayalam television serial, which is being screened in Asianet, is showing techies in poor light. From the very first episode, the serial ‘Padasaram’ portrays techies as immoral and shrewd. In order to establish the background, the serial invariably shows Technopark buildings and boards. It gives clear reference that the incident occurs in Technopark and the central characters are employees in Technopark.

Though Technopark has been a location for several serials and films in the past, none has shown the IT park in bad taste. What irks several employees is that the Technopark employees are depicted as people with no moral values.In the beginning, the serial flaunts a message saying that the characters and background are imaginary. If that is the case, they must have avoided the Technopark board and other obvious references.The script is full of glitches. In order to use some technical jargon, words like ” pendrive, system, shutdown, project ” etc are used every now and then.

“It is very evident that, that serial casting the techies with a very bad intention, they are trying maximum to defame the prestigious institution like Technopark and its employees. It says the lady employees in technopark is with low moral values, and they will do anything for money, it results the public to make a view about the technopark and its lady employees like that. its the height of women abuse thorough a popular media, and we need to stop it at any cost ” – Says Vidya Rajan, a Software professional from Technopark.

“In fact, most of the techie women working in techopark belongs to ITES/BPO Companies, majority of them are having families and they are trying to meet the ends in their busy schedule.In the ‘Padasaram ‘ serial they are degrading self worth of women. They make women look cheap. We should invite the attention of other media’s in this matter, and we need to take it up seriously” – Says Jincy Jacob – a BPO professional from Technopark

“We need to know, on what ground technopark authorities are giving permission for such serial makers with low moral values and social responsibilities ?. Technopark authorities should make sure that, any such media utilizing the technopark facilities and its name is not tarnishing its image and respect among the society. so I think the authorities are also equally responsible for this insult ” – Says Ajith Rajan, Another techie from Techopark.

“We like to know what moral values they have to make such a story about techies, better they can make a serial about their lives, if they wanted to show such masala stories to the viewers” – Says Vinod Kumar, a Tech support professional from Technopark.

“I recently happen to view this new serial called “Padasaram” as I heard women folk saying ,”All this serial portrays is a wrong image of women working in Technopark”(Personally I am not a keen viewer of serials). I realize that this serial portrays a very very wrong image of women in Technopark.” Such serials can even scare men from marrying girls in Technopark “.This won’t be the reality in most cases. Such serials needs to be banned .Be it the language, the story-line ,characters,portrayal of women… its ridiculous.The women are portrayed as mere objects .And surprisingly Technopark is being highlighted. Women..speak this the truth? So stereotyped …Women can’t be seen as such rotten objects where they go to any extent to achieve their career goals….I personally felt that this doesn’t give the best image of women folk working in Technopark.”- Says Reshma Thomas in Facebook Wall.

See the first episode of the serial padasaram – and watch out the language and dialogues they used to picture the IT professionals


We, TechnoparkToday invites your comments and responses in this serious subject, and possible ways to take up this issue in to public and in social media. As an initial step, let’s boycott the Asianet channels, and conduct a signature campaign to stop such a defaming serial.

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