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Aryans Infoways, Technopark – A Cheating Story

Early last year a relatively unknown company in Technopark called Aryans Infoways went on a gigantic recruitment spree recruiting students from as far away as Chennai and Bangalore, not to mention the local ones in Kerala. There were regular interviews and job placement ads in most job sites. Some reputed Engineering in post graduate colleges even proudly went on to declare in their placement lists that a good number of their students had been selected by this company. These recruitments have been going on for over three years.

Aryans Infoway had earlier earned notoriety on several occasions on blogs, public forums and chat sites. But suddenly these posts disappeared or were edited. It seems this information on the net was removed when the management complained that the reports were generating negative publicity for those who were already proper employees of the firm. The publicity would ruin the company and its employees, was the complaint.

On one site related to embedded technology there were loads of questions on what was going on at Aryans Infoways. There were scores of questions but nobody had any answers. These were queries from mostly students outside Kerala, in Chennai and North India.

No one knows why the heat was put off Arayans Infoways, but one person who is the administrator of a public forum said he decided to do away with all posts on the company off his site because the language was becoming too ungentlemanly and that he was being plagued by phone calls day and night from prospective candidates wanting to know more about this company.

The company asked for a deposit of 1 lac – 1.5 lac rupees from each candidate as well as a three year bond. A stipend of 5000/- rupees was supposed to be paid per month and after probation it was too be increased to 10,000/-. Anybody living in a city knows that 5000 or even 1000 INR is hardly enough to make ends meet. Students were under the impression that the training was supposed to be taken at Technopark. However training was given at one of their branches in Thambanoor in the city.

However a lot of students promised by a lucrative future in the software industry made the plunge and joined the company after paying the deposit. Little did they know what lay in store for them.

Even the amount of 5000 INR was not paid in full and if paid, was not done on a regular basis. Students complained that the so-called “training” they were receiving was nothing better than the one they had in their first years at engineering college. So they decided to wait it out patiently marking their attendance at Aryans Infoways and in the meantime attending some other course as trainee or student elsewhere.

The Aryans Infoway office closed for Onam, which is usual as it shuts down for every tom-dick-or-harry reason; but this time never opened again.

Police acted on a complaint from some employees who declared they were cheated. They promised to investigate the complaint and search the Aryans Infoway head office at Tehcnopark. That brought down the entire works on top of Aryans Infoway. No one expected this to happen. And when the word went around that the company could be a fraud (through the print and tv media), the trainee employees could not believe their ears.

The two main actors in this drama are a certain Mr Jayachandran and a Mr Harikrishnan. Both are absconding. It remains to be seen how they will deal with the legal complaints made against them, once they are back, if they ever do.

Employees are praying and keeping their fingers crossed expecting to get back the money they have lost in what could possibly be a gigantic fraud.

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From The Indian Express:

Shyam Subramanyam, CEO of the controversial company at Technopark, Travancore Software Solutions, has approached the District Sessions Court for anticipatory bail. Shyam is an accused in a cheating case filed by the employees of the company.

The court has asked the Kazhakoottom police, which has registered the case following complaints submitted by two engineers, to file a report on the bail petition. It is learnt that the police will submit the report on Wednesday.

Shyam has been accused of accepting sums ranging from Rs 1 lakh – 1.5 lakh from candidates, promising them employment and on-the-job training for IBM mainframe course in the Technopark-based company.

The complainants alleged that they were not given proper training and had been forced to work at the company for a pittance. Many who completed the one-year-bond period were denied the bond money, though the company had promised earlier to return the money after the completion of the bond period.

Meanwhile, mediation talks initiated by Thiruvananthapuram Rural SP Sugathan on Tuesday between the company and the complainants failed midway. The company offered to allow the complainants to continue working there till the end of the bond period for Rs 1,200 a month.

But the complainants weren’t ready to accept the offer. The company refused to pay the security amount to them. ‘‘We were disappointed over the treatment meted out to us at the SP office.

The SP advised us to withdraw from the case, as it’s better for our bright future. He also asked us why only a couple of engineers raise complaints while all others work happily there,’’ a complainant told this website’s newspaper.

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  1. aryans was a fraud company. it recruited many of us from various universities in India. they offered me 7.5k/month as salary and demanded 1 lakh in advance.

    they now cheated all of us. we are praying to find out them and we need our money back. the HR person know about everything. she needs to be questioned throughly.

  2. Is there any chance to recover the deposit money? can kerala police can get back the deposit from students?

    aryans has offices in bangalore and chennai. is there any police complaints are registered there also?

  3. Aryans recruited over 1000 students from many states including karnataka, kerala and tamilnadu. the media support was also there for them. i’d seen many aaryans recruiting news in newspapers and some online job portals. many blogs claimed that aryans was a fraud company, but later it found changed, and one technopark forum also got something for not publishing some fishy stories about aryans.

    if you look in to their website, you can get a feeling like thats not professioanlly made, they are claiming like they can do everything and what they are having is some school management and library management software. everyone knows they cannot survive by selling these silly softwares.

    All students were given 1 lakh ruppees, and now we all are in a state, which cannot be predicted whether we can get back the amount or not.

    lots of other companies in Technopark also practicing the same. they are demanding money from the employees and simply cheating.

  4. This company is originally from Thampanoor, and have a name sake office at Technopark. The report projects Technopark in bad light.

    These kind of Training companies often does this and this is not the first time. It’s very bad that such culprits can cheat even the educated youths so easy and fly away.

    Law should act strictly on such persons and should be punished appropriately.

  5. very bad news for TP authorities!! But its not a surprise for me!! a good company never asks for money from employees!!

  6. Next in the list of fraud Software company

    1 ) Aaryans Infoway
    2 ) SouthSoftIndia
    3 ) Givion Softmake

    ..and many other in Incubation.

    Also my sincere request is to make a enquiry about the Software companies in Technopark, Invested by Hawala Money and illegal money.
    some companies in technopark is still running like that.

    the hawala money is now investing to IT companies than in real estate now. i heard one company ( famous student startup ) is running on black money.

    Technopark is not taking any actions or the govt is not caring about the money pumping in to IT companies. This is a very serious issue.

  7. There are still more anti-employee companies in Technopark. Most of the small companies – old or new, even MNCs, look upon their employees as slaves. They forcibly expel female employees from their roles when they become pregnant, citing some other reasons. They also give very low salaries. I know of at least 3 companies – 2 in Nila and 1 in Amstor building who do anti-employee activities.

  8. kavitha, can you please list them here, so that employees can be aware about such companies.

  9. there are many companies even outside technopark, and all over kerala demanding money from the freshers. there is a company in kottayam – CCS Technologies ( who claiming themselves as the SAP and Sharepoint experts ( in kottayam )calling the freshers and telling them that there are some opening

    and when the candidate visit their office ( very posh office, why not??) they will ask for 2.5 – 3.5 Lakh Rs. for the SAP training. and thats not refundable. they will not give you any salary or stipend…

    There are many companies in Kerala like this. so guys, aaryans demanded 1 lakh.. Southsoft also demanding same, Givion is asking same, means technopark companies are cheaper than others.




    THIS Greedy money minting person will be / was accounatable in GOD’S Diary one day.

  11. SYAM,

    can you please reveal the company name. so that we can aware of such cheating companies.

    is it a company based on Technopark?

  12. @kavitha
    Well said…i heard the same too..its time for technopark authorities to look into this issue.Afterall we r not slaves..there are laws to support us.Its just eople are not aware of that..

    I think we should discuss the names of the companies..Atleast we can prevent othere from felling into a trap

  13. You might be telling abt R P Lalaji.. But is that correct?
    Are you talking abt Seaview ?

    Just give a search..

  14. @Techmate

    Dont think RPL’s is the company Syam is referring to. Their training is totally free and also, they pay a monthly stipend of Rs. 3000. A friend of mine is working there and even in their BT division, training is absolutely free. The information about huge sums of money being taken is totally wrong and misinformed.

  15. The Name of Frauds in Aryans Infoway are

    1) Jayakrishan – MD
    2) Harikrishan – CEO
    3) SARITHA ( Called as saritha madam) she is the main fraud now telling that she knows nothing about that..please take neceaary actions against her. she is still in trivandrum.

  16. Nithya Subramanian

    Aryans Infoway a well planned cheating company.. They took the money and ran away….. We are waiting for the latest updates of this case and we are praying god that we should get our money back as soon as possible…Do post the latest updates guys…

  17. The same way there is one more fraud training company and that is Timenet learning center Kerala they got office in some places of kerala but all are worst and bad cheaters, they do the exam and creating fabricating stories about there training, they are totally fraud training company, please dont go there for trainings better choose other institutes, I heard that CISCO people caught them for cheating exams,

  18. i have received an offer from a company named aaric technologies private limited in technopark.they asked me to pay 1 lakh.50,000 for training and rest 50,000 is refundable.i dont have much knowledge about the company.can anyone help me.

  19. Never heard of Aaric Technologies. We all been hearing about several tiny SW companies setting up shop inside the campus and I know personally atleast a couple of people who had bad experiences as in poor managements, upfront payment and no returning. Unfortunately there is nobody to check on the credibility of such software companies.

  20. I know Timenet for meny years. More than 3 certification I studied there. That is one of the professional institution in kerala. They are not doing any fraud things. Their students are working in almost all the companies in technopark

  21. Hi,
    I know Time net solutions for last 10 years and this is the first time I am hearing something like this. The students who have completed the course in Time net solutions are working in different companies. Personally I know few of them who are currently working in MNC’s like UST, TCS, NEST, MICROSOFT, CISCO etc. So please do not try to obliterate some one’s reputation by simply stating lousy comments like this. I hope you will take this in right sense.

  22. (

    i had losed 2 lakhs rupees in ccs technologies. plz dont belive them .
    they will not give u any job.
    ccs is a bad company . its money oriented firm.
    plz dont accept their offer for SAP ABAP or any Functional modules.

  23. YES
    ccs technologies kottayam is also an another cheating company in kerala.
    they collected 2 lakhs rs from me for sap job.
    but didnt give any job.
    dear frnds plz dont trust them………………………………….

  24. But that is owned by Malayala Manorama group, I think. Manorama is a very professional and highest paying media group. as a part of their organization how came this company got a bad reputation? Just wanted to verify

  25. its a seperate part of manorama
    here nobody told u neither manorama is professsional nor providing highest
    pay to media group.
    bt first u try to believe
    implementation of sap is-media in manorama is not providing by ccs , its done by siemens.
    iam now workin in wipro.
    3 yrs back iam also a trainee there.
    they collected 2 lakhs from didn’t give me any job.
    u just go to ccs and meet even a single trainee then u will understand the truth.
    or ask to manger of ccs who is providing sap services of manorama.

  26. correct

    dear hima one question ?

    do u have any relatives in the management of ccs.
    really shame on u ,
    dont try to play this type of nasty tricks.
    it will uproot the basement of ccs more ………………..

  27. aj consultany is also fake

  28. can you please reveal the company name. so that we can aware of such cheating companies.
    is it a company based on Technopark?

  29. Me too done my internship in SAP at CCS technologies and well placed, they are quite strict and these guys was supposed to have low attendance and they r not interested in learning there are many well placed employees and taking a candidate for job is purely on the basis of their performance. If these guys r bad performers how they get job. If they r not providing gud assisytance why they spend 1.6yrs at CCS. These comments are like “Blaming the pen for bad handwriting”. CCS is a company started functioning in 1981 and still running the business.

  30. Me too done in Training in SAP in CCS,because of the experience gained from there
    i got placed in a top MNC.Abt the huge training fees they are asking u all people know that SAP license itself costs huge.

  31. Hi…Hima..

    sorry …it wasnt me someone is playin with my name…sorrryyy

  32. hello ..somebody is writing in the name Rahul(ccs)…..i am the original one .
    As you all people of ccs know that whatever Rahul wants to say he just rings the phone …hihi…he doesnt writes blog … who so ever is writing by name …..
    thanks for making me famous .

  33. ah… it is high time to make use of digital signatures in public blogs also 🙂

  34. Why dont all of you here get your facts right and then criticize. Stop gossiping like maloos always do. It just gives you a bad name.

  35. And issues like this are good so stupid candidates will learn there is no use paying and getting a job. Better not to work if there is no confidence. Start spaeaking in English, get confident, understand subject matter and go get that job!! All that pays are weak. If a company asks for money that is a sign of a f u c k e d company, simple as that.

    Digital signatures in public blogs??? HA HA HA HA, amazing bunch of jokers

  36. Hey… one more fraud company to watch out for in Technopark – Hages Business Solutions.. they claim to be a big time SAP partner and have been advertising vacancies. if you are a fresher they ask for an “investment” of RS 2 lakhs plus and say that you will be trained on SAP and after that put in projects and international sites etc… they are a real fraud. they have no offices outside India… if you contact any of the offices outside India – they are fictitious or not in use.. these people are playing with the lives of people like me who are starting our career. I have already registered a complaint against them with police also.

  37. Hi All,

    I am an SAP certified consultant, worked in wipro and now in another MNC>
    Let me give my suggestions here about SAP companies in trivandrum and about CCS kottayam.

    1) Collabera : They used to take 1.5 Lakh from freshers and they used to give back after 3 years. Yes, they will give back when it was so called IVL and not collabera. Many employees i know in wipro who worked in IVL and they are in good position.they have good words about IVL. The underlying factor is they give back money. For being SAP consultant, 1.5 L is not a big amount.

    2) Allianz cornhill : They have a good SAP practise and paying well, but less employees.

    3) UST Global : They have an SAP proactise but not taking many people. Relatively less employees than Allianz cornhill.

    4) Hages Business Solution : When i started my career, i approached HBS, they offered me project but no salary. Yes, atleast they are offering project. no harm in joining without salary. for freshers, SAP project is important. I did not join there, i waited 8 long months to get my first break through in SAP. If i would have joined in HBS, atleast i would have completed 8 months SAP job.
    Regarding HBS, they are doing good in SAP market, they have SAP projects from SAP india. I am not sure, why they are taking money from freshers. if they give back the money, yes you can join if you are a fresher.

    3) Speridian : they used to hire SAP guys and send to US. Now after recessin,they stopped that practise.

    4) AES : A well named SAP company in trivandrum for SAP ISU.

    5) Prapty : No idea about this SAP company.

    6) Applexus : Doing well in SAP market but business in indian market is relativery small.

    7) Infosys : They have ABAP,BASIS, and PLM currently inview for tvm.

    8) When i searched job in SAP, i approached CCS< they told me to deposit 1.5 L, what surprised me was they told they will not refund. Atleast IVL willr efund.
    I enquired about some of the old employees of CCS,who are currently employed in another firm, as per them, you have to give money and work for them without pay. if you are in project, client will give some money. yes as a fresher, that is also good if you have a job and project. But as per above post, i got to know they are also chating by not giving jobs….

    My final suggestion.. If you are fresher, dont join CCS, enquire well about HBS, i dont know current situation of HBS, join collabera on your risk.

    If you are expericed SAP guy, search job in Infosys, Allianz cornhill, and AES solutions. Prapty and Applexus, relativery small sap company and they recruit rarely. UST global trivandrum sap practise not sure, but they have in chennai and bangalore. i heard very small team is working out of tvm.

    hope this help all SAP aspirants.

  38. Prapthy mainly deals with SAP basis. The basis projects of HBS are outsourced to prapthy. But now a days prapthy has lost its prapthy. Now HBS has its own basis team I guess.
    HBS asks you money(2 lakhs) to join the company. I was asked, bt didnt join. My friend joined. He says it gives you really good live project opportunities. The salary would be very less as per SAP standards. The reason why you get a grest experience is that no employee more than 3 years would continue with HBS because of less salary and with the knowledge he acquires, he could get job anywhere.
    Now Collabera(IVL previously) and applexus are much more developed in terms of projects. They do have many pretigious foreign projects which HBS lacks. But when I tried Collabera few months back, they told they won’t hire freshers. I don’t know if they have a fresher deposit policy.
    Now my friend says that if you join HBS , you are indirectly joining Collabera or applexus within 3 years. He says almost 80 % HBS experiencees has flew to these two companies.
    Now coming to CCS, it boasts of SAP support for Manorama. But my friend in HBS (HBS is currently undergoing a project in IS MEDIA) its not CCS but siemens who implemented SAP in manorama.

  39. i got offer letter from Hages Business Solutions(HBS)… can i join it please tell me

  40. Just a few clarifications to the above posts:

    “They used to take 1.5 Lakh from freshers and they used to give back after 3 years.”

    That was the old IVL practice. The current practice is a 1Lac Bank Guarantee and not a Deposit. This applies to freshers who join as ABAP trainees. No money is directly taken from the candidate.

    “Now my friend says that if you join HBS , you are indirectly joining Collabera or applexus within 3 years. He says almost 80 % HBS experiencees has flew to these two companies”

    No clue where you came up with this figure of 80%. There is hardly even one consultant from HBS working in Collabera.

    Collabera is not just IVL. There are several other entities which were merged into Collabera and the total headcount is more than 6000 across centres.

  41. plz…do not join aaric technologies …they do not give you salary….
    from trainees they demand 50000 rs. for training fees…they dont give you proper plzzzz…frnds do not join aaric technologies…they are recruiting students each trainees .they are the old fraud software company “SouthSoftIndia”