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Date Tampered Milk Packets are selling nearby Technopark ?, 2014):  The milma customers near Techn​​opark – Attinkuzhy and Kazhakutom are having difficulties as old packets are re-stamped to new dates and sold.  Many customers had the same complaint, but still the foul play is happening without any change.


Read the experience of a techie, who bought milma milk from a shop nearby Technopark.

“I bought 2 milma packets  in morning have seen both are unusable. The packets were correctly refrigerated and so how could this happen?

When i look closely at the dates printed it appears some tampering has been done. The photos of the packets have been attached. The date is shown as November 8 but when it was used on November 7 both of these were found unusable during boiling

When I contact the shops near technopark back gate and near TCS hostel they say it is regular issue and they used to reject the claim to refund the money to the customers.”

After some researches, we came to know that this is not a single incident. Many people are facing the same problem, . So we think this date tampered milk packets are selling many places in Trivandrum. This is a serious health concern.  So we request authorities to take a serious look at this issue, and customers,  please comment your similar experiences here as comments.


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  1. Why can’t we techies start a small cow farm inside TP ? No Kidding, I am serious… we have a lot of empty spaces here….

  2. Parameswaran Nampoothiri

    its not just with the shops near Technopark…. i have seen this ‘time-travelling’ milk packets near by my home in Vattiyoorkavu….

  3. One other option is to use Tetra packs. Unlike the milk packets which can be tampered with, the Tetra packs are made in factories of some repute where I am sure they will not risk their brand image for a few bucks. Companies like Amul I would say is a good cooperative brand.

  4. The title should be “Date Tampered Milk packets are being sold near Technopark”.