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Riddles of Time – Poems from Technopark!

This is Riddles of Time – a collection of poems by Indu Lekshmi ( working with Infosys, Technopark ). There are thirty poems. This book is published by Monsoon Editions, Calicut. ‘Riddles of Time’ reflects the outlook of the poet on the various dimensions of life.

Ms. Indu Lekshmi, is a talented poet well known  among the techies in Technopark. Her writing skills were always appreciated and this is another example that techies can be great artists too. Let’s congratulate her on this great achievement and let this be a moment of pride for all techies.

Readers at Trivandrum may contact the author at 098469-48968 to order a copy of the book. The book has 64 pages and and Price is INR 100 /-

Here are some EXCERPTS from the collection…


Thanks to those times of life
That has made me think beyond
The drops of tears I shed unseen,
The seeds of thoughts that got laid within
To grow up and mature with time
To be my shade, comfort and faith.

A picture incomplete

Do I ever finish brushing upon these lines
To align and change the words every time
Yet for the themes that remain the same
To fit in a finite set of words known and heard of
Trivial attempts to express the feelings within
To paint a landscape hidden in thoughts
A picture that remains partial ever
To brush upon them every time I learn a word perfect.
Each line a never ending verse
To remain incomplete till I leave the stage.



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