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How to Turn your mobile phone into a WiFi Router?

Did you know that you can turn your WiFi-compatible mobile phone to act like a WiFi router instead? If your mobile phone is 3G-enabled, you may not even need your WiFi router. You can have broadband speeds in your laptop without buying a USB 3G modem card. Your 3G-less iPad/iPod can use the 3G connection here in India to go online!

The process is called WiFi tethering, and makes use of software to enable it. The most famous among them is JoikuSpot, a free software for Symbian (most Nokia, some Samsung) phones. [Android phones (v2.2+) will not need any software – it will be OS-supported]. Nokia users can install it directly from their OVI store. Once installed, the process is pretty simple – open the software, and click Start!

The interface has useful information like the devices connected to the network, the upload/download speeds, data received/send etc.

The free version comes with a couple of limitations – only HTTP, HTTPS is supported, and your WiFi connection is not secure (meaning others can also use this, though you will be notified if someone else joins your network). There is a paid version which overcomes these limitations and is available for 5 Euros.



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