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Filming and Editing Epic Videos using Movavi Video Editor

movavi video editor

Looking to do more with the videos that you shoot while outside? Movavi Video Editor is a simple yet powerful program that you might like.

Aimed at helping beginners and professionals alike create videos that can be shared on the web or with family and friends, the Movavi Video Suite is the best software if you want to start out on your movie making the journey.

The Top Things to Love About the Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi Video Editor can help you transform your videos into something completely new. Add special effects, stickers and multiple transitions that give your video the polished touch. Moreover, the software has a wide range of formats that you can use to save your video.

Currently, the software has reached version 12 for Windows and version 4 for Mac iOS. Movavi Video Editor packs over 14 languages, and you can close range type of language that is comfortable for you. Here is how you can start filming and editing epic videos easily with Movavi video editor (

  1. User Interface

As soon as you download the app, look for the dialogue box. The guide will help you make the video process easy for you, though the main interface is very easy to pick up by itself. You would love the dark grey interface, which is divided into three parts:- 

  • A Control panel, 
  • The video player, 
  • A working bar to customize the videos 

The taskbar has different options – Edit, File, Playback, and Help. They will easily help you capture your video to your liking –   it’s just perfect for beginners.

Here is a look at the various steps you can use to edit your video using Movavi Video Editor.

  1. Importing Media

Importing media is easy when using Movavi Video Editor. You can import them in any forma you like. 

The imported files are added directly to your timeline and the process is quite simple and smooth. There is no lag, and HD videos can easily be imported to the timeline.

However, do remember that the program does not have an internal library.  

Transferring the media is not a hassle if you are not importing a lot of media files. But once you have a large file or many files are many you will have a problem organising them.

If you are a blogger and you want to make a tutorial video, Movavi Video Editor got your back. You can record a video using a webcam that is compatible with the device.

  1. Editing Videos

Once the videos or files have been imported, editing them is easy and fast. The user interface is a bit different since the video editing tools appear above the timeline.

They are simple to use:- 

  • You can add desired music, 
  • Apply effects, 
  • Add stickers
  • Remove unwanted clips. 

Create your story, your way.

  1. Applying Effects

Movavi Video Editor has a wide range of special effects that are simple to use. The program showcases how each filter has been applied in every clip.

Moreover, it has a set of titles and callout overlays. Although the of effects are limited they are sufficient enough to make your story creative.

  1. Exporting and Sharing.

You can share the video whenever you want. The program allows you to play the video on various devices such as a tablet, phone or laptop.

In addition, you can upload your video on various social media sites such as YouTube. All you have to do is sign in to your YouTube account and you get to share it with fans from all over the world.

  1. Montage Wizard

The Montage Wizard allows you to make quick slideshow videos. So, you don’t have to spend all your time selecting all the best clips. The Montage Wizard selects all your amazing clips and organizes them neatly. Moreover, it will make the perfect movie for you with the desired music running in the background.

  1. Improved Audio.

The software ultimately polishes your audio. All the undesired background noise and frequencies can be adjusted and removed.

Therefore you can add your desired background music. This will make your video more than perfect.

Bottom line

Today, everyone wants to capture the best moments of their lives through videos. The Movavi Video Editor offers the best and itis very safe to use.

However, the wide array of features means you would need to shell out a little. Beginners are given a 7-day free trial, but the program watermarks the video with a “Trial” image, and all the audios are saved half-length. Don’t worry – you can try out all the features before purchasing Movavi Video Editor at a very reasonable price.


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