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Top 5 Web Development Frameworks this Year (2018)

top web frameworks 2018, 2018): The year 2018 witnessed many ground breaking trends in technology landscape, among them the most visible trends are in the web development domain. Lot of tools and frameworks were introduced and a few of them got exceptional traction because of the ease of use,  coverage and capability of the framework through out the SDLC.

Here are the top five web development frameworks in the industry this year. The selection criteria’s are, the demand from companies and their customers, the acceptance and support among the developer community, and the job opportunities created in market.

Node JS

Node JS Web Framework

Lot of startups and companies vouched this framework this year. The flexibility of Node as a full stack use for back-end to cross platform mobile app development made it  as one of the most preferred frameworks for everyone. this framework is very efficient scalable and easy to learn among its peers, the Rapid Application Development teams extensively using it since one framework fit for all needs. the additional advantage of V8 engine gave a major push in terms of run-time efficiency and processing time. If you are building a data intensive real-time application with a scope of scaling up, this would be an ideal choice.

Angular JS

Angular JS Web development Framework

AngularJS by google was the hottest among its peers. There is a big demand for Angular JS resources since majority of web projects are expected to include Angular.  Since its engineered at google, lot of simplicity and advantages packed with it. A very generic javascript , JQuery and MVC knowledge  helps developers to easily get in to the angular world.  The very structured, template’s and two way binding  features made it one of the best and popular javascript frameworks among the web developers. not juts a hype, but there are lot of stuffs there and more on its way.



Python Django

A python based framework with MVC architecture is a buzzword in development circle. Since lot of people are learning python now a days, mastering a web development framework in python is not a difficult task. and there are some advantages too. Django is fast secure and scalable. Complex data driven websites can be developed using Django framework, and as you know python script are used by majority of analytics and machine learning platforms. so this is a deadly combination to master.


React JS

React JS

Maintained by Facebook and a community of developers, React is still trending in creating compelling and interactive UIs in web.  It’s used for handling view layer for web and mobile apps.The ability of ReactJS to update and render the right components when the data changes made the web development and web interfacing experience in to a new level. the high level of compatibility with other frameworks – or a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS and MVC made it more modular and popular among companies and developers


Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails

There was a confusion that, whether we need to include Ruby or any PHP based frameworks like Laravel or Yii. But I prefer Ruby because of some obvious reasons. This is one of the best rapid application development frameworks . Developing an app in ruby is just like a cakewalk, since a a hell lot of boiler plate codes plugins helps user to do more with less lines of code. extensive support for RESTful Api development along with agile based collaborative and flexible development philosophy made it a rock-star among frameworks. I say its worth investing your time in learning Ruby, if you are a startup or frequently building MVPs with less turn around time.


Interestingly most of the trending web development frameworks are javascript based. so learning javascript can give you a competitive edge in mastering the existing and upcoming superstar frameworks in future. even though the PHP and Python based frameworks are equally competent, javascript based ones are endorsed by the technology giants like google, facebook etc. The best bet is learning frameworks with multiple languages, gives you more flexibility and dexterity in a competitive market.

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Renjith Ramachandran Renjith Ramachandran : A technologist and digital technology consultant with years of experience in leading technology and innovation programs. He is a technology & business mentor for many startups and a serial entrepreneur by himself.

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