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Annoying adboard in front of technopark

The digital advertisement board placed in front of technopark is turning the technopark entrance in to an obstacle digital advertisement board technoparkcourse and putting both the drivers and pedestrians at risk, techies claim.

Trivandrum has seen a rise in the number of digital adboards now a days, but all of them are placed in a good height, so that it wont cause any such problems.The height of the digital adboard placed opposite to technopark is not proper it seems, and thus it cause instant blindness to the people who pass by the way.

The adboard placed in front of technopark is creating potential hazards for highway users and people coming from technopark, particularly for those with impaired vision and mobility problems. As well as the dangers for pedestrians, The adboard obscure drivers’ visibility at junction in technopark front gate, and where pedestrians cross the road, and can distract drivers’ attention in general.

So it is a request from techies that the position of the digital ad board should be adjusted to avoid the distraction and accidents because of that.

Readers, please post your experience and views about this issue, as comments here….


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  1. The digital board is very dangerously placed in front of technopark. there is a great difficulty for us to drive there after 6. it is placed in same level of our eyesight to capture our attention. but it makes us blind for sometimes, and that place is very dangerous since vehicles are coming from all three directions.

  2. Really it creates irritation to the eyes. Must be removed or at least its brightness must be reduced.

  3. It is rally a threat to technopark people. it should be removed from there or at least adjust the height or position and its brightness. nobody is there to complaint it even if it create problems for us. my kudos to technoparktoday to take this up finally.

  4. Agreed that hoarding is useless and nobody is interested in reading it probably. But, why are you not talking about the ugly hoardings put up by that party for the people by the people – all over town, blocking the view of motorists, in some cases even blocking the view of traffic signals?

  5. This is not about the holding they says, it is about the bright adboard facing technopark gate, which makes troubles to the motorists.

    Also it is a blog based on technopark, and why should it talk about the party holdings placed in city, and there are lots of other medias including news papers and strong people medias like metro manorama.

    Let’s first find a solution for what we are facing now, and then we can move in to city holdings.

    Does it make any sense? 🙂

  6. The LCD display board is really annoying.
    Making the drivers semi blind while crossing road during night time.

  7. Adboard is really annoying. Isn’t there any rules or regulations to put adboards in our country? This is making inconvenience to the citizens.

    To whom we can file a compliant?

  8. In Vytilla which is easily Kerala’s busiest intersection, the waiting time is much higher and a board should be some relief to the long wait.

  9. Hi,

    How can i post a new grievence? Somebody help please…