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Beware of Petrol theft in Technopark!

Here is an incident happened a couple of days back in tejaswini building technopark.

Naveen, Rejin, and James, three employees of Accentia Technologies, Tejaswini Unit, had been going through a bizarre petrol theft in technoparkexperience for the past one month.  After every night shift, they had to face a common experience of an unnatural phenomenon – the fuel of their bikes seemed to have oozed out.  Totally puzzled and recollecting some of the recently-read horror stories, they used to push their bikes to nearby petrol pump.

Finally, on last Wednesday, the real culprit accidentally fell into the trap.  Surprisingly, the real culprit was the one who is supposed to take care of these things – the security guard himself.  He was caught red-handed by one of the victim and his friends. They noticed a strange but simple apparatus, consisting a bottle and a thin rope, was set to ooze out petrol from the two-wheeler(see the photo).  When questioned, Cletus, the security guard, protested. Later on, he had to confess the crime and pleaded guilty.

However, the employees went on to file a complaint to the Technopark authorities.  At first, Delta, the agency which provides the security personnel, tried to settle down the incident.  Further, owing to the mounting pressure from the employees, they suspended the culprit.  However, the employees, who suffered a lot, are not in a position to digest the whole issue.  The authorities must ensure that such issues will not happen in the future.

There are many such theft incidents happening in technopark everyday. technoparktoday reported such an incident earlier. Read Here…


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  1. thanks for reporting this news. and this is happenig in technopark for so many years. the so called security guards( not all of them, but a few of them ) are real culprits. they are behind many such theft happening in technopark.

    It happened to one of my friends sometime before in NIla, one shock absorber of his RX-100 was missing one fine day, when he returned from work, Nila building. he complained it to the nearby security. but who knows who stolen it from there? we are damn sure that there is a very less chance to someone from outside can do it.

    thanks technoparktoday for publishing it now. and thanks to my techie friends who caught the theif and report this to the authorities.

  2. yes. it is our hard earned money, not only that during the late night just imagine you need to push your bike in to nearby petrol pump for refilling.

    if things are like this, in which basis we can trust the security people in technopark?

  3. This is really shocking. the people who is responsible to prevent such things are doing it. pathetic!

  4. You can’t fool people for a long time. these security people were stealing the petrol and spare parts for a long time. this is not only in tejaswini building but in every place with in technopark.

    Who is appointing this security ppl? and what is the criteria? some of them may having criminal backgrounds. this is equally applicable for all the supporting staffs in technopark including the cab drivers, cleaning people etc.. I’m not saying that all of them are culprits. but still there are people with such backgrounds.

  5. Petrol theft is a very common thing in technopark. but poor techies were not able to find the people behind it. but now we knew it. thank you guys. and it is an eye opener to many of us.

    It happened to me once, i filled petrol for 150 during morning, and i travelled to my home only 6km from technopark. but on the next day i was a little late when i left from technopark. my bike stopped on the midway. i thought may be some other problem, then only i came to know that the petrol tank is empty and my petrol knob was in reserve position.

    I shared my experience with my friends, but even they didnt have any idea about that.

  6. Recently some drunk security men rode a low floor bus to the campus. They were speaking loudly and even laying down on the floor of the bus with no care for public passengers.
    Absolute nonsense. There are so many incidents of lacking security men in the campus and the administration does not seem to notice such things, conveniently!

  7. Nobody is there to observe or control such people in technopark?

  8. How man? security guards are appointed for that. they are good for nothing and see how they are behaving?

  9. this is nt the way it has to be, they shud be punished…

  10. punishment..what a joke? the security company DELTA tried to make compromises with the victims and because of their resistance only they suspended that security guy. who knows whether there are more such securities involved in it. not only the petrol, they are stealing the spare parts also.

    Also, the cleaning guys working in night shifts in Nila and bhavani buildings, used to draw some malayalam theris in the walls of the lifts. just check out when you are in the lift next time.

    Nobody is to track and punish them or at least stop this kind of third rate activities.

    Technopark ppl hearing?

  11. Really bad..

  12. this is not only the case if the bikes are left on weekend in Gayatri parking slot u can easily find u r seat cover torn. These security people are of no use.