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A Techie’s experience with Hilton Hyundai

Because of the great buying power, Technopark is a very good marketing place for any kind of goods and services, ranging from credit cards, mobiles, laptop, to cars and apartments. Most of the companies are targetting techies with many exciting offers and marketing stratagies.  But sometimes, techies are getting cheated in one way or other.  

Here, read a bitter experience of a techie from a car dealer. ( We masked some personal information from the content below).

I had a very bitter experience with the Hyundai offers which I feel should share with the technopark community so that they don’t fall into the trap and be cautious.

Before you get happy about the exchange and corporate offer from Hyundai!!

Hyundai is having a sales fest here and offering exchange bonus and corporate offer. I just want to share my bitter experience with the technopark community so that you all can be careful about these offers. One year after I bought my car I still have not got the benefits and hence has lost Rs.20000/- . So anyone dealing with either of these vendors please be careful in your dealings. This is a clear case of cheating.

The corporate bonus papers were handed over in time to Mr.XXXX, Manager in Hilton . But they rejected saying papers were not received in time. (And now this person XXXX has moved from Hilton to Popular).
For exchange bonus I had to give transfer certificate of my old car. 28 July 2009 I handed over the car to the dealers office in Chackai and had to beg and run behind them till almost a month back to change it  from my name. And later they denied me exchange bonus too

Altogether about 20,000 Rs I lost and I am sure the dealers saved that money. Once we make our payments they don’t even take calls or answer to e mails. I am posting below the different mails I sent them for which I never got a response. So before you get excited about the offers please think twice.


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  1. XXXX… is it a person with four letters? I was planning to buy one from popular and this guy got four letters in his name 😉

    Unfortunately there is no way to make sure we get the offered bonuses. They showed me some ‘official’ papers but as per your experience, we cannot trust that too.

  2. Never trust the sales person in any of such deals. they will tell you some sweet words, and some exciting offers, but if you agreed in the sales deal, their color will change. they wont be interested in you anymore, they will look for their next prey.

    Many incidents were happened in past in Technopark itself. once it is being published in such medias, they will come for some compromise. If you are silent you will be looser. so guys come up with your complaints and concerns.

  3. i still remember one such incident. my friend went for a service with the popular, and they changed his entire door with another one. that guy noticed the change in color ( both were white but the second one was little bit damaged and slightly changed in color)

    They were simply removed his door with out asking him and put a damaged one there. he gave it for a routine service, but they replaced his good door with some damaged one. the good one may be given to someone else ( may be his friend or relatives)

    this is the common mode of cheating. we can’t know what is getting replaced after the service, especially if its not in the visible areas.
    remember they can change many things even within your engine… we can’t trust anyone…only thing is just report such incidents when you noticed…

  4. Hilton Hundai is infamous for not meeting the expectations of customers. they treat their customers are beggers and never listen to them if they have any problems. so please beware of Hilton if you are buying anything from there.

    avoid such dealers. there are hundreds of other leaders in our country.