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Earth Day: One Life-One planet, Preserve it until We Find a New One>> April 6, 2014: Celebrations are meant for reasons. Nowadays we celebrate each and every moment. First salary party, Bonus party, Birth day party, farewell party, Team outs, hang outs, Night outs and the list go as such. Have we ever realized or tried to think that everything happens out because of the small Earth we live. Do we have the right to destroy anything in this world?
Environmental issues are growing higher than ever just because of us being reluctant to react to what happens around. We murmur its hot outside, weather change, what a situation is this like that. But why don’t we just realize trees are cutted down, Industries are polluting the ground water system and our easy going nature dragging the situation closer.

Everyone will say these issues mentioned above are out of our hands we can’t do anything on that. Friends planting a tree on a special occasion or gifting a sapling to your friend on his/her birthday will make sense. The members of Go Green Save Earth are from different age level, they are working in different companies, and they realized that changes can be done by youngsters only when a green culture is developed, the rest will fall behind.

GGSE come out with the idea of Green Club to coordinate the green lovers. Free Registration process is through via , to bring the voice of youngsters to the authorities. The Mission 2014 charted by GGSE will benefit each and every person associate with the green movement.

On this April 22nd on Earth Day GGSE have planned to celebrate the event by Replacing plastic carry bags, planting saplings, distributing saplings, implementing the green shop concept, setting an exhibition of tourist places, green walk and a free medical check up to the techies.

Your participation for the event counts for our future activities. Join us and make your day memorable.


  • Helping hand to develop an Eco Friendly Campus and home.
  • Shall give exposure to Environmental awareness classes and seminars.
  • Supply of information materials relating to environment which is helpful to the green club members
  • Distribution of environmental awareness newsletters
  • Arranging yoga classes for the members which develops stress free life
  • Awareness campaigns to avoid the use of drugs by educating them the harmful effects.
  • Educating the effectiveness of waste management and its implementation.
  • Organic Farming classes and implementation of such projects.
  • Cultivation of Organic fruits and vegetables and helping the same to reach market.(Members shall be given a part of the profit )
  • Crafting decorative and useful items with plastic waste. (i.e. bottles, glasses etc)The products will be placed in the market and the same if sold out shall be remunerated.
  • Creating a platform for the members to exhibit their products in market via green shop.(i.e. Handicrafts,paintings,homely food etc)
  • Replacing plastic carry bags with environmental friendly jute bags, bags shall be distributed free of cost to employees on receipt of sponsorship from companies.
  • Distribution of Plants and seeds to the members.
  • Installation of Renewable sources of energy.(The government support shall be incorporated to reduce the cost of initial installation)
  • Promoting social forestry to the green club members.
  • Green ideas by the members will be supported and implemented by GGSE.
  • Environmental study tours to the green club members.
  • GGSE will provide 10 % discount for the green club members for every products developed by GGSE.
  • GGSE will be a helping hand for its members for any issues around Techno park
  • Lifelong Membership with GGSE to build up a clean and green future.

Start acting now before it is too late.

Ashok Kurian Panjikaran



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  1. Good initiative…keep going …doing something is better than doing nothing..i am now the part of this active community…go green save earth

  2. Good initiative.. it deserves the support of all techies..