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The 2 C’s for Mid Level Managers.

mid-level-manager : Most vital aspect in retaining the team together is communicating regularly and appropriately. Communication is very critical – deliver it with disproportionate dilution or concentration, the essence fades off. The tone of communicating is also equally critical. It determines the reach and impact of the context .Irrespective of the multiple layer hierarchy in the organization, communication is essentially and purposefully sent through the middle level managers.

These special ones don’t have a fixed schedule. They switch multiple roles from a team lead to an assistant project manager. The skillset required for the role is highly diversified. However, one of the key expectations is handling communications effectively across their portfolio. Why is it that, these special ones are chosen for the trickiest task?

This role requires them to create a project plan, define estimates, and monitor the execution and delivery. All these are not just documents or processes; they are the lifelines of the project. The success, in entirety depends on how well these papers and processes are utilized. The entire breadth and length of the team cannot be expected to understand and decipher these managerial recipes.  Ensuring effective absorption of these is very vital.

Adding on to this, he/she is in-charge to answer questions from multiple frontiers. He/she is expected to have data points for anything that the management could think off. In short he/she is assumed or presumed to have entire project and team happenings in finger tips.

On close observation, there are two strands that bond all these diversified skills – Confidence and Communication. Perfect communication ensures close to cent percent absorption; Answering with confidence boosts the confidence of the team.

On sporting these two attributes the success rate of a mid-level manager in comparison with his peer group is definitely elevated! Speaking right things with confidence takes a long way.

Author : Girija M


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  1. Nice article. the problem with mid level managers, especially in some indian companies – they seldom gives the proper credits to the team. mid level managers are communicating upwards – to the senior management. if they won’t disclose the details related to team, the team and its members and their good works will be in the dark. some managers think like it will give more control over the teams, but ultimately the trust and bondage with teams will go away.

  2. Good article Girija. Communicating with Confidence is the sole key for success in today’s scenario.

  3. In many companies, managers are the worst enemies of employees working really good. there are some companies there are 3 managers to manage one programmer. they are non-billable resources in most of the cases and they are not worth for whatever they are being paid.