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Travelling via bypass: Safety issues

TechnoparkToday would like to share an incident which has happened near to Technopark last Friday (Ramzan) night. The victim was a Software Engineer named Ms.Lubina who ‘s working at UST, Technopark. Ms. Lubina and her family were traveling through the bypass road that night when 5 men tried to stop the car. Identifying this as an intention of burglary, her husband (Mr.Sudhir) didn’t stop the vehicle. The mob threw a rock towards the car glass shattering it to pieces. The broken glasses pierced on Ms.Lubina’s head. However the family escaped from further fury as Mr.Sudheer continued to move forward. Ms.Lubina was been admitted to Ananthapuri Hospital immediately. She remains in ICU and her condition is so critical as her head has been fractured badly. This was another incident which put us in trouble. Are you gutsy enough to voice high against this? If ‘YES’, then a leading TV News Channel is ready to help us taking up our concerns to the extreme high level authorities.

Surely, there are lot of fellow employees in Techopark who would have badly faced such nasty incidents, especially on the Bypass road. They stays simply mute. Now its time to mask off, guys.

Until & unless we voice or narrate our concerns, this likely scenarios will never stop. Lots of similar incidents happened to our friends so far in various ways. Prayers of our beloved ones, help them survived thus far. Now its high time.

When a media is ready to help us out, we should never back out, guys. They just need you in front of the camera narrating the bad incidents you faced from the filthy robbers/muggers. They are not gonna reveal your identity. Are you ready??? Then please write to [email protected]

Lets start making the difference.

Courtesy : Rakesh G S (UST), Adharsh S Asok (IBS)


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  1. This is shocking news… and this is the nth time we are hearing such incidents and everytime we will forget such news after few days. just imagine if it is happening to you or some of your relatives, then you will know how painful it is…

    so this is the time, we have to respond to such incidents and put it in to the consideration of our police force.

    Hope she will get well soon.

  2. oh my god…my prayers for her.

  3. These highway robbers are very active now a days. I heard many incidents in last 6 months. it needs to be controlled. its a threat for all techies travelling through the trivandrum bypass road. thanks technoparktoday for this news.

    friends, be careful while you travel through bypass road, especially after 9 PM

  4. many robberies are reported even near to technopark. most of the times they are targetting the non keralite people, so that they cannot trace out the robbers easily. they used to attack the victims first and then they take mobiles, wallets and sometimes the ornaments too…

  5. Have any FIR been registered for this case?
    Have this been informed to Park Centre?
    Any companies not providing cab service/drop home facility at night or late evening, contact their HR or contact keyar(at) or park centre. Employee safety is each company’s concern.

    No incident must go unreported, which may affect the reputation of technopark.

    Make some arrangements to call auto from technopark gate with the help of security.

    Going to media is good. All cases in the world are reported in media and still it happens. If it doesn’t happen go to media for help.

    Otherwise, contact technopark authorities and get the HRs involved.

    (On personal note: Avoid bypass during late nights. It will be +/- 2 km diff b/w NH and bypass. There won’t be traffic at night in NH. )

  6. Not only robberies, some people are really insulting the lady employees in technopark within the premises as well as in the roads nearby.

    Many such things happened even recently, and most of the girls wont complain because they really afraid of going after the police and all once they file a complaint.

    There are no such bodies in a big professional institution like technopark, so that lady employees can complain and ensure the possible protection from such situations.

    one of my friends told me an incident which happend with in technopark campus itself during a sunday afternoon, she was walking from tejwasini to nila, and a few people were there in front of the tejaswini building car park ( near to the new muthoot fincorp) and when she passed them, they passed some ugly comments to her, there were nobody near her that time, and she didnt mind and walked, then they started their car and came after her and told her to get inside. she was really scared and she started running, and she ran upto the new TCS campus, and there were a security. she was really scared and called some of our friends there and she stay there till her friends came to the scence after half an hour.

    see, people are not safe even within the campus, and now its worse just outside of the campus. this is really a very serious issue, and many such untold experiences are there for many people. so make utalize this opportunity to openup and make sure that we are getting good security at least within campus.

  7. travelling through bypass in late night is a risk. there are no street lights in some areas, especially after the new infy campus. but even if there are lights, if you are alone and there are many robbers nothing can be done.

    so avoid the travel at nights and join together file a complaint to the authorities and make sure that they will provide enough highway patroling force in bypass during the night time.

  8. guys, join together to file a complaint to the authorities. if we join, it would make an impact. nothing is possible without the unity, and if we not doing it, it may happen to you anytime in future.

    Technopark is the place which is generating one of the biggest revenues for Govt. thus the employees there needs to get at least the minimum level of security for their life.

    this is the high time to respond. robbery and violence is getting increased day by day targetting to technopark employees.

  9. The matter seems to be aggravating day by day .

    Even I have read and known incidents where outsiders were bashed up,money removed from their wallets,ugly comments passed on girls etc
    There are some urgent pressing need of the hour .

    1.The bye pass needs to be lighted up .Park officials can take up the matter and If required need to get the media involved .

    2.Security in the park needs a radicle change else reports like mentioned by psharma will be repeated.Vehicle entry needs to be restricted by pass only .This pass should be verified and issued with the RC book and name of the person else it makes no sense.its tedious but worthwhile.Option of RFID can also be worked out .Am sure there are good companies in technopark who can build and maintain it .

    3.Technopark security should be making rounds around the campus to check any unwanted activities happening around.

    4.Have a phone number in Park office /website column on this site itself to report such incidents for quick reporting.

    Technopark is the best place to work and the park officials /members of companies should come together to make it safe too.

    Am sure with these comments will be worked upon by our Park officials .

  10. Nish, Thanks for your suggestion, we can help in all the possible ways we can, as you suggest we will display the emergency contact number for reporting such incidents in main page.

    Right now we published all the emergency numbers in a link here:

  11. Thanks for the emergency numbers. friends, please take a print out of that numbers and keep with you. There is a print button in the bottom of every post, so that you can easily take print outs.

    also keep the most important numbers in your phone. and make use of them in case of any emergency.

  12. Good work friends, today’s metro manorama reported this incident.
    This is a very serious issue, and please be careful while travelling bypass during night. let us see how it is being handled by the authorities.

  13. Excellent first step by the admin .Also request you to circulate the numbers to the HR of all the companies and let them send it to all their employees.Even we can go a step forward stating that all employees should have saved this number in their mobile phones as this is the easiest way to contact just in case help is needed.

    Please admin try your best to make us safe .

  14. Appreciating the efforts of,and thanks a lot for publishing the emergency numbers in Technopark and Trivandrum.

    We expecting more helps in future. this is our only source of news and happenings in technopark.

  15. +1 Nish

    This is not the first time and definitely not the last.

    There is absolutely no lighting on any part of the bypass and this sort of incident can happen to anyone. Technopark is easily one of the only identifiable employers in the area and it is also their responsibility to ensure that the area is safe.

    I guess that won’t happen, so it is time for the netizens and media to take up the issue.

  16. Hi,
    What you guys are saying is absolutely right. There should be high patoling in the night in the bypass. Other thing laking is the Street light. If you move from Technopark Main gate till Kazkuttam, you will find it is so dark. The last time I saw flood light in that area was when our President was coming to Shantigiri and that to it was for a day. I think the Technopark Authorities have to take steps in doing this as I dont think the Government is quite interested in this. In TechoPark we have more than 20000 people working and it is the duty of the Technopark employees to look at the safety of the employees.

    When Technopark Authorities boast on their Security system inside the Park, they also should be looking at the employees safety atleast till 1- 2 kms readius of Technopark. Along with that I stronly believe that Police can do a lot in this.

    Hope all these coments of our employees dont go unheard

  17. Today this news appeared in the “Hindu ” and it emphasised the fact tht street lights across the bye is crucial with intensified Police patrolling .This indeed is a first step of letting the corporation know about the technopark safety concerns .Now we need assistance of the Park officials to emphas more and get things done .

    On the points 2 and 3 mentioned by me its upto the Park officials to act as its in their action territory .

    Hope action comes faster than the next unforuntate incident.

  18. todays metro manorama reported that, this case is handed over from the Fort police to DCP. since police is not taking interest in this case or find the culprits. So many similiar incidents were happened in bypass,and no such complaints were taken seriously by the police so far. hope atleast this case will openup the eyes of police as well as the common men.

    Bypass is a heaven for the criminals and antisocials. it was there in karyavattom campus road earlier, but now everything got cleaned and that is a safe place now. because of the good road, street lights and the partoling of both the campus security as well as the kazhakkoottam police and park security.

    Hope that things will get better in coming days.

  19. The karyavattom campus road is again going back to bad condition. I had asked the PWD AE to look into the plight of this road. He says he would start the work after the rains. That would be a long time!!

  20. Look you need to include 108 ambulance service… we are always there to help.. if its and emergency report to us…. we will do the best we can.. we are there in Technopark itself.. trust me we are capable of taking down some probs…

  21. Lubina recovering better and she is going to get discharged from hospital tomorrow – 18th sep.
    Police arrested the culprits this evening and the criminals agreed their charge. The arrested criminals were just 20 year young labourers. They were all drunkard on that night and wanted to enjoy the ramzan party. Since they lost their control, my friend got victimized.
    It seems the police will produce those scandalous people to court tomorrow.Lets pray for lubina’s fast recovery.


  22. Karthik,

    Could you please provide us more information? I think the same team or the people which they are knowing may be the culprits behind most of the attacks happened there in NH bypass. as someone mentioned here, many people got physically attacked on that road. tear those b****rds apart and they will tell the truth.

  23. really shocking. carried an article about this issue today and some of the incidents described there are really shocking, here is the relevant parts…

    Anjana Gopinath, a Technopark employee who lives near the TCS hostel on bypass road, says: “Our house is on the roadside, near to two North Indian dabhas here, and we often hear shrieks of girls who are attacked by miscreants. We are not talking about late nights. This is around 8pm when they are out to have dinner (from the dabhas). I have witnessed a couple of incidents. Once, I saw a motorcyclist riding with the lights of his bike turned off. He went near two girls walking on the road and grabbed one of them on her backside, and rushed away. Some of these girls—most of them from other states—become so scared and act hysterically, shrieking and running.”

    A Technopark employee, who didn’t want to be named, is shocked on hearing incidents that happened to his colleagues. He says: “Motorcyclists who take the route outside the back gate, are in for a lot of trouble. Around 8-9pm, sometimes, people stop these bikes and ask for money, saying it is for temples or churches. If you get to escape them, good for you. But if you question them, their tone changes and it becomes demanding.”

    Two women employees of a Technopark company share a couple of experiences that left them scared out of their wits. “My friend and I live near the Federal Bank at the Kazhakkoottam junction. The way to our house is a little narrow and there are hardly any streetlights. One incident was when a really young fellow in a cycle came and tried to grab my friend’s neck. We guess he tried to snatch her chain but when she shouted and cried, he rushed away with his cycle. I tried to chase him, but fell down and broke my legs. We registered a complaint with the police.”

    The other girl, who was the victim both times, is from Thrissur. “It really scared me, the first incident especially. It was around 9pm. We were on our way to our house, and there was a young man walking behind us. He seemed like another IT professional and I was thinking it luck that there is someone to protect us in these dark areas. But at a dark corner, where there were no houses nearby, he suddenly grabbed me from behind. I was so shocked and started yelling and he ran away.”

  24. Where is the police and the administration????….Why aren’t the software companies raising these issues with the local authorities…And if they r then why r they not being heard???….Technopark in itself is not a vast stretch of land still the authorities are struggling to maintain order in and around the park…Pathetic to see such reports every fortnight….Shame!

  25. Can anyone updates on Lubina or have we forgotten this incident .