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Techies celebrated ‘Programmers Day’

Techies from Technopark celebrated the Programmer’s day in trivandrum yesterday. Programmer Day is the 256th day of every year, September 13th or the 12th on leap years. There is a small history for why its the 256th day, in Digital Computers,  A byte can have 256 possible values, bytes are very important to programmers. Not because they are required for programs to work, but because the payroll system and Krispy Kreme doughnut cash registers require them.

Lots of celebrations happened among the techies on the programmer’s day. Many of them forwded the ‘Happy Prorammer’s day’ wishes to each other, and some techies started the real celebrations 6 PM at the nearest pub B6. and many of them hosted parties in houses and celebrated it a big way with music, beer and even some PS4 games.

So for those ones, who missed the joy of programmer’s day this time, block your calender for the 256th day of 2011.


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  1. Belated Happy Programmer’s day wishes

  2. Programmers Day is a good concept. i liked it. okay next time we can celebrate it in a big way 🙂

  3. Happy programmers day wishes to all fellow geeks in technopark as well as in India. Let’s program a better world. what about conducting a party next time on the programmers day?