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SWIFT – A new programming language from Apple! : Apple introduced a new programming language named – Swift – for designing apps for iOS devices and Mac computers. Apple introduced Swift language in Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

SWIFT is modern and fast language. It is designed to eliminate common errors while programming in languages like Objective-C. The modern capabilities of programming like generics, closures, type inference, multiple return types, operator overloads and other time-saving features are included in Swift.

Developers says SWIFT is easy as programming in interpreted languages such as Python and JavaScript, while maintaining the speed and flexibility of compiled languages such as C++.Swift source code can be run on the same run-time as Objective-C, and uses the same memory management module. It also can use Objective-C’s Cocoa libraries.

Apple is updating its Xcode IDE to include a feature called Playground, which allows the developer to inspect the output of code as soon as it is typed in.

So for all those developers who missed the Objective-C / iOS programming bus, this is the opportunity to grab it.

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  1. Apple is a very innovative company. whatever they introduced to this world became very successful. so this would be also a big hit. but i don’t know much about programming. so its you people have to say. techies, please comment.