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My experience with Popular Hyundai

Technopark is the prime marketplace for virtually anything, especially when it comes like Automotive and real estate. Since the techies are too busy with their work routines,  or some other reasons, most of the times they are getting cheated and over-priced in dealings. Here is an experience of a Techie in his own words.

My car (Santro 2006 model) has been taken care by popular hyundai trivandrum. I have done all my 8 services in 4 years with popular hyundai. I also had an 1 year extended warranty. For the first 3 free services, i dont have to pay much more than 300 rupees. Till 3 year (2 yr + 1 ext warranty) i didnot had any issue. Each services after that cost me around 4000 Rs. I feel its as same as Service cost for a midsized sedan which is been serviced twice a year.

For my 5, 6 and 7 th services, i had a complaint on my windscreen wipers. The complaint was that it never cleans the windscreen properly. For each service they use to change the wiper blade which just cost me 40 rs. But it never fixed my issue. For that last service i took up the issue and asked them to sort it out. but they were saying like, its because of the water i use to wash my car. They says a layer has been formed on my windscreen glass which cant be sort out. Then I asked to them to explain these things in their letter pad. but, they were refused to do that. The guy who was in charge of my vehicle told me that he will consult with the Senior Service engineer and let me know within 2 days. But, even after 1 week he didn’t respond. Then i went to meet him again. Then i was surprised with his reply. his reply was “we need to grind the windscreen glass to solve the issue”. I didnt allow them to do it. later, the issue was solved on visiting a local workshop for 200 rs :-).

After few days, my seatbelt had an issue. it was not being pulled back automatically upon unclipping it after use. I again visited popular hyundai to solve the issue. After few minutes of research, they said i need to buy a new set of seatbelt and the price is 895/-. I again visited the same local guy, he corrected it for 100/- rs 🙂

Third situation: Its been found that water enters inside the car during rainy days. The exact place is driver side between seat and pedals. Three times Popular hyundai cleared it by saying “its because of the leaf, dust and mud particles that is been wiped from the windscreen is deposited on the channel which is meant to flow the drain water”. But, after the three occasions, its found that the problem was not being solved. Now I took my vehicle to a local workshop and they found it after several experiments. It was a manufacturing defect. vehicle was not sealed properly. now the problem is fixed for 500 rs!!!!.Why is this POPULAR HYUNDAI called as “COMPANY” service center?????


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  1. Do mention the local workshop address someone else will also get befitted

  2. Workshop: Friends Maruti, kannammoola – kumarapuram road, trivandrum
    Contact Person: Satheesh
    Contact number 9947217820

  3. I dont think it is a specific problem with Popular Hyndai (yes, we have many unsatisfied customers in Technopark) but same case with all the authorised servicing centers of all brands.

    Better do all the free services/till guarantee ends in authorised centers and rest do it locally. Local shops are always cheap. Authorized servicing centers do not service the parts, instead they are interested in replacing it.

  4. Capabilty of a workshop is the capability of trouble shooting. It can be done only by experienced mechanics. Here, they are just replacing it, bcz they dont know how to find it out.

  5. Service center’s are interested in replacing parts coz they get commision for each part replaced. Also they sell the replaced part for 2nd hand value which is another source of income.

    @manesh: Do take some time to shoot an email ([email protected]) or call (098-7356-4645) to Hundai regarding your grievance .

  6. I too have the same experience with popular…but tried Hercules last time but the experience was same. even for an ALTO , they charge around 4000 for each paid service…

  7. @zam all replaced parts are given back at the end of service. If not ask them to return. That is the replacement policy.

    @manesh_sasi – even after poor performance from service staff one after another, why you take it to them again? Is no other service station available? (hilton)

    Local workshop – He knows the job, but can’t show off in big picture. Thanks for wkshp info.

  8. @Arun Popular displays the price chart in the waiting room. Do check, if they charge you more? Always ask to stick to the job sheet you sign. No extra work other than you ask. You can cut down expense really.
    If any additional work, you can refuse to pay. Say it clear when preparing job sheet