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10/10/10 Ten Tena Ten Ten..!

Today’s 10:10 will be a part of history. As the time will coincide with the date to form 10/10/10, 10:10, it is going to be a perfect date. Yes, this Sunday, the world will be carried away by the charm of unique array of numbers. As per newsreports from various corners of the world, this Sunday will be the most popular wedding day. Even in Kerala, many business firms have chosen this date to open their new ventures. While numerologists listing pros and cons on this date, the heavy rush for weddings and inaugurations just show people prefer a date which is easy to remember. Some reports suggest that even appointments are taken to postpone or prepone childbirth to get that fancy date of birth.

Technoparktoday takes this opportunity to congratulate InApp, a leading software services company based in Technopark, on its 10th anniversary on 10/10/10.


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