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Kovalam Lighthouse

Kovalam Lighthouse, Trivandrum, kerala > Kovalam lighthouse should be very familiar to anyone who has visited the Light House Beach, Kovalam. After dusk, it is amazing to view the massive light sending its beam across the gleaming waters of the Arabian Sea.

This amazing structure Built in 1972, it has withstood the tests of time and is a beauty to behold especially when the setting sun glistens against its glass panes. The Lighthouse is open to public daily from 3 pm to 5 pm. Best way to enjoy the visit is to reach there around 4:30 so that the heat would be bearable. Entry ticket is Rs.10 per person (be it adult or child) with additional charges for camera. and rates are higher for foreigners.

The lighthouse structure is 120 feet tall so it is quite a climb up the spiral staircase before you reach the top. The walls are dotted with glass windows and there is enough space to sit on the ledge and take a breather or two, while taking in the beauty of the surrounding sea and greenery.

Footwear is not allowed inside the building and its best you have a handy bottle of water, plenty of sunscreen (for the ones with sensitive skin) and of course shades (sunglasses). Hats and caps stand no chance as the wind would just whisk them off ! the very top of the staircase opens up to a hatch. The reflectors and the lamp of the lighthouse is placed in the middle of the hatch. So in order to reach the outer balcony of the building we have to climb a short vertical ladder.  It has railing on both sides for support and the guard at the top lends a helping hand to lift you right to the top

Ladies in skirts or saree might find it more challenging since the wind blowing from the base of the building can play spoilt sport by lifting your garment in the most embarrassing manner! Same goes for men wearing the traditional mundu. Also its difficult to climb up the final top portion of the light house with skirts or saree.

How to reach there:

Route 1 : Park your vehicle at the Kovalam beach; stroll all the way to the northern end of the walkway and there you can find a set of stairs leading through the side of the rocks to a tiny door which has ‘Vizhinjam Lighthouse’ written above it. More steps up the side of the cliff would ultimately take you to the entrance of the Lighthouse.

Route 2: Instead of taking the right turn from Kovalam Jn continue on the road towards Poovar. hardly a kilometer ahead the road forks into two- a slight curve towards the left would take you to Poovar and the road straight ahead would lead you to the Lighthouse ( a big display board by Kerala Tourism placed at the junction will ensure that you do not lose your way!) Around 500 mtrs further on this road, to the right hand side you would find a smaller road leading steeply downwards. This leads directly to the entrance of the Lighthouse compound. A short drive up the winding road will take you right to the footstep of the building. Parking here is free.

Disclaimer: This article is purely advisory in nature and does not mean you should not do your own research about weather, security and local conditions of the place.

Info Courtesy: Divya Dinesh


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  1. Amazing place to visit. Wind blows at a faster pace on the top of the lighthouse.I recommend to take good camera along with yourself to capture those beautiful moments.

  2. One of the best attractions in trivandrum. a must to go place.

  3. A great place to spend your weekend. very refreshing and beautiful place.