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Microsoft MCSA 70-462 Exam – A Stepping Stone Towards Success! IT which is the Internet and Technology sector in the world is one of the fastest growing sectors that we have ever seen. This sector has some of the biggest job opportunities and has produced some of the most successful people in the world. People such as Bill Gates belong to this sector. It is a well-known fact that since there have been so many advancements in the IT sector, this sector is going to provide the most business and job opportunities to the professionals.

IT professionals are in high demand. One of the most demanded profession is Microsoft SQL Server specialist. Microsoft is one company that provides different companies with IT solutions. These solutions can both include the hardware and the software. Most of the information technology tools such as laptops, computers, and other such equipment are somehow linked to Microsoft products. Hence this is one of the most credible companies in the entire world.

For a good job in the IT department, a candidate needs to have some certifications that will prove that he or she has some of the other skills. These certifications define yourspecialisationand set you apart from the other people in the same job stream as you. One certification that is absolutely necessary is Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Database Certification. 

If you are preparing for Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Database Certification or want to know more about this certification, this article will be of big help. Here you will find all the small and big information about Microsoft 70-462 exam and also some tips to pass it.

Microsoft 70-462 Exam – What Is It?

Microsoft 70-462 exam is the second exam which is necessary for one to get MCSA Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Database certification and is specifically designed to check the practical and theoretical skills of the IT professionals in this field. This certification can be obtained after passing three exams where your skills are tested through a question paper. 70-461 and 70-463 are another two exams thatyou must pass to get the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 Database certification. 

What You Should Note?

Here are some of the important points about this exam that you should know:

  • Exam Pattern 

The exam consists of 50-60 multiple choice questions which usually have one or more than one answers. The candidates have to solve the entire exam within 120 minutes which is 2 hours. The number of questions differs from exam paper to paper, hence it is best to prepare according to 60 question pattern. This exam tests the practical and theoretical knowledge of the students; hence there will be no questions and most of the questions will be pretty twisted. So the students are required to study well.

  • Eligibility

The candidates need to be 18 years or older in order to appear for Microsoft 70-462 exam. Other than this, there are no required qualifications. The candidates who have some practical experience and knowledge in the field can score much better. However, anyone can sit for the exam.

  • Fee

The candidates will have to pay a minimal fee of $165 in order to register and get their ticket for Microsoft 70-462 exam. However, there are a few candidates that are provided with some concession. These are either employees of Microsoft or their partners. The fee can differ from place to place because of the currency.

  • Languages Available

The question paper is available in six different languages. The students can choose from English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese and Portuguese.

  • Who Should Give

The students who are suitable to give this exam are:

  • IT Professionals who have been working as database professionals for some time and want to enhance their skills.
  • The graduates who are studying for their IT degree or have got their IT degree from an institution.
  • Any person who wants to become a Microsoft SQL Server Professional can sit for this exam.
  • Syllabus

The syllabus for this exam is divided into six main topics which are further divided into subtopics. The six main topics include:

  • Install and configure
  • Maintain instances and databases
  • Optimize and troubleshoot
  • Manage data
  • Implement security 
  • Implement high availability

The questions in the exam are asked from these main topics and the subtopics. You can download this entire syllabus from the official Microsoft website.

The Available Books and Study Material

The prep materials can be bought from PrepAway Microsoft MCSA 70-462 exam dumps. The most opted for the book is the Training Kit for this exam. Additionally, you can also buy the e-books or download the material for this preparation online. You can also join the online courses where you will find the organized study material along with some lectures and practice papers for a better preparation.

How to Succeed?

For a person to succeed in Microsoft 70-462 exams they need to do the following things:

  • Start your preparation as early as possible so that you will have time to cover all the topics.
  • Make sure you have the syllabus with you all the time while preparing for this exam.
  • Solve the practice papers regularly. When you are into one week of your preparation, start with solving one paper every week or every 15 days. However, as the exam comes closes increase the frequency to one paper every day or every alternate day. The reason for this is that the students can assess their weak points and work on them before giving the actual exam.
  • PrepAway – for IT certifications and other IT industry related important things you can start following This is one of the best online platform to get the exam dumps and more study things related to IT certifications and their exams. 

What After Passing 70-462 Exam?

Now you need to pass yet another exam which is named as PrepAway 70-463 which will help you to learn about how to implement the basic things which you have learnt in previous exams. And the finally -you will earn MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification. 

After this certification, you will be a certified Microsoft Professional and can apply at any company in the world. It opens many opportunity doors for you and you will realize that this certification has acted like a stepping stone for success. It will also enhance your skills and you might get a promotion. You will also be able to serve your customers better with the help of this certification.


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