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‘Mazhachillukal’ – A heart-warming short film by techies

Childhood. A world of candid innocence. Of playful mischievousness, trivial heartaches, and boundless joy. Whether in a castle or in a hut, childhood is magical.

Often times, this beautiful, carefree world clashes with the world of adults – a world, weighed down by responsibilities and anxieties. And this clash might even upset the balance of relationships briefly, before rains of love set everything right again.

This film tells a story of relationships, of shining rain crystals of love. A story of a father and his son.

mazhathullikal short film
The crew

The movie was directed by Naseer Badarudeen, working with UST Global. The lead character of Abhi’s father was played by Pradeep Joseph, UST Global. Vivek James, Rajit Rangan and Vishnu Sivakumar have assisted in making the film. Yamuna Nair from McFadyen is also part of the cast.

The film is sure to give a sweet tug at your heart strings. Watch in YouTube:


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