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Big Fight between Techies in Technopark!

It is reported that there was a big fight happened between some of the employees in Technopark yesterday afternoon. Heavy blood marks were found near the Tejaswini food court ( near to the lift ).

And it says that the fight happened between the TCS employees and the employees some other companies. and one of them got severely injured in the attack and sent to casualty after the incident.

It is reported that many techies including the girls were shocked by seeing the incident. “It is really shameful for everyone in technopark to see the employees are fighting each other like locals. technopark was considered as a place of professionals,so it should not be encouraged” – said Rajesh Kumar, a Software Engineer.

“Technopark is  certainly not the place to show your muscle might. and if they want to , it is time they go for a different job” – Said another techie.

The employees of whichever company involved in this shameful event should collectively take an action. So we request the authorities to investigate about the incident and take actions against the culprits. Let’s keep our working environment more mature and professional.

Our reporters are investigating about the incident, and we will update the details soon.



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  1. @ Bhim Joshi

    or That guy Surya could be genuine concerned abt this ?

  2. yes, we have to know what happened to the culprits. did the authorities taken any corrective measures or just buried like any other incident. Our take is to take strict disciplinary actions against them, so that such an incident should not be happen in technopark campus. We came to know that the company authorities – both the TCS and other company came to technopark office, and made some compromises.

  3. See this is what happens all the time….everything ends up in compromises. I am not saying that compromising is bad…but its not the right solution every time. If what Nishad said is True then I will firmly say that it was not the right decision. We have taken a wrong stand by doing it. We have set a wrong example.

    Anyways, nothing can be done… when it comes to few things…we can only put comments on top on comments and finally join to the same party and enjoy…

    Harmony at Work….what else to say…

  4. This comment is purely for Bhim Joshi not to anyone else. Dude… Be a bit more matured and try to understand things(hopefully you know English). I hope you are grown -up. Asking for update is not a crime according to any of the IPC sections. Being a Techie doesnt mean that you have to be self-centered and selfish.

    People like you will run for water only when your house is on fire. At least I know lot of people in Technopark who are not like you. They think and care for others and they really believe in Harmony at Work…

    I am confident that at least in past 2 months, you have become bit more matured (mentally) to understand what I have said above if not I cant help it.