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Do’s and Don’ts of ATM Transactions  The world is going through digital disruptions and the way we dealing with money became digital. today almost everyone using debit/credit cards through ATM. We are seeing lot of news about various ATM frauds and scams, so here we are providing a few tips – Do’s and Don’ts in ATM transactions to keep your account and money safe.

Do’s and Don’ts of ATM transactions


  • Conduct your ATM transactions in complete privacy, never let anyone see you entering your Personal Identification Number (ATM Password)
  • After completion of transaction ensure that welcome screen is displayed on ATM screen
  • Ensure your current mobile number is registered with the bank so that you can get alerts for all your transactions
  • Beware of suspicious movements of people around the ATM or strangers trying to engage you in conversation
  • Look for extra devices attached to the ATMs that looks suspicious
  • Inform the bank if the ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately, report if any unauthorized transaction
    Check the transaction alert SMSs and bank statements regularly
  • If cash is not dispensed the ATM does not display “cash out” please report to the Bank on the number mentioned in the Notice Board
  • Immediately check your phone for SMS for debit amount


  • Do not write your PIN on the card, memories your PIN number
  • Do not take help from strangers or handover your card to anyone for using it
  • Do not disclose your PIN to anyone, including bank employees and family members
  • Do not allow the card to go of your sight when you are making a payment
  • Avoid speaking on the mobile phone while you are transacting

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