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Easy & Fast Home Loans for Techies – Get Special offers and deals from Banks!

Easy and fast home loans apply now :  Many times we heard about the hardships of techies to get a home loan from bank. That may be due to various reasons – pay package, credit history, CIBIL score or the attitude of the bank official etc… In such cases the entire process may get delayed or techies used to get some bitter experience and some of them even give up the entire idea of getting a home loan during such an unpleasant process .

To find a solution, we, TechnoparkToday discussed with a few reputed banks, and they all agreed to give a fair deal and offers for techies, especially to make the entire process  easy and fast.

Now we are associating with HDFC, Canara Bank, Central Bank, ICICI, PNB and LIC Housing Finance where techies can get easy and fast processing with less hardships and time. Their offers include

1 – Easy and customer friendly processing : The bank executive will come and meet you in your convenience ( Office/Home) and collect all of your documents and give reciepts

2 – Fair and Transparent Dealing & No Drama : The entire process would be transparent and straight forward. they will collect all of your documents and know your eligibility and limits within 4 Business days. No excuses or delay

3 – Get the assistance through the entire documentation phase:  A buddy executive will assist you throgh the entire process, where you can call and get clarifications anytime

 4 – Proper Guidance for various options : The bank executive will assist you to go through various options in loan itself, its application, split-up and payment terms etc till you close the deal with the bank

5 – All these are FREE of charge :  The assistance for techies are FREE of cost.

All you need is to fill this form. and the bank representative will contact you.

You can also leave your feedback and experience with us ( by email), so that we will work with the banks to address your difficulties and improve the experience.

To Apply Click Here and fill out your details for a quick evaluation



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