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Two wheeler parking problem in Tejaswini

Some techies working in Tejaswini building reported a grievance, that now a days there is a parking problem for two wheelers.  Because the newly started Muthoot bank kept their long signboard in to the two wheeler parking space. Which makes insufficient space for parking the two wheelers.


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  1. Parking is a big problem in technopark. and if people started to doing like this, it would be worse. parking spaces around bhavani and tejaswini is the biggest concern for months. how we can solve this issue?

  2. Parking is a problem in thejaswini even for cars. Park Centre has stuck “Reserved Parking” in all the slots in -4 and we are forced to park in the slush outside. Interestingly, nobody seems to want those “RESERVED” parks!

  3. Never allow any reservation in parking spaces in technopark. Whoever comes first will get the space. thats the common logic everywhere. you can go for reservation if there are plenty of space available and people need to get the specific places. But what will happen if there is not enough space for all the vehicles, and still giving reserved places? people who can pay more money or whoever getting this information will get the space.

    We need equal opportunity. Thats our right. we will fight for that if anything is going to happen, which is based on some vested interests.