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Twitter says NO to third party applications

Twitter is clamping down on third party applications and the API tokens that they have previously given out for applications to receive and send tweets from the application. Although they haven’t completely stopped third party applications from working with their service they have however pushed the standard that the applications must meet up.

Twitter’s growth has been phenomenal. 140 million tweets are sent every day and the system continues to enjoy exponential adoption rates. This is helped in no small part by third-party Twitter clients which utilize the public API.But not for much longer. Twitter is asking developers to stop creating client applications.

Many of the websites based on Twitter is publishing the users tweets in other websites, and twitter belives that, it is a violation of users privacy, although most of the companies are making profit out of advertisements.

Twitter is the No.1 micro blogging platform in the world, more than 10 crores of messages are handing over everyday in Twitter.


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