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No value for Lakhs..!!! Today if my turn,Tomorrow may be your’s……

My new car which was parked in front of Nila building has a scratch on the door which is surely caused due to the negligence of other car drivers. I doubt that the security guards are not instructing car drivers while parking or taking out the car due to which other car get damaged. The same incidents happened to 2 other friends in the same Nila parking place.
We noticed that the car’s parked in the Nila car parking is not been guarded well. Would request that the security guard ensure that the driver are more careful while reversing or parking the car.

Another same type of incident happened to my friend.

His car parked in Nila Parking lot  was also hit by a truck(assuming due to the looks of  the car after the incident) and was pushed by 4 meter distance backwards when came to take his car in the evening. The entire front portion of his car was damaged and he complained the matter to CEO of Technopark and waiting for their perusal of the issue. He doesn’t  know how long he will have to wait!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have only one question to be cleared. What guarantee do we have  for our cars being in shape, while parked in Technopark ????????????


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  1. This is not only for the cars. It is happened for my bike too. Somebody cracked down my bikes left side indicator. I had to replace the whole set. This is happened in the Thejaswanis bike parking ground near SBT. Please give respect other vehicles too

  2. Really distressing incident. Technopark authorities should comment on this issue. They must take strict action. The bald headed, sleepy, useless security guards must be replaced…

  3. It can happen anywhere, even in city. but that is not an excuse, this is why technopark is spending money to put security guards everywhere with in the campus. It is their durty to look in to such matter.

    And We need to put security cameras everywhere possible, like in the parking spaces, lifts, malls and major parts of the campus.

  4. There have been instances of tires being punctured cos they were parked in Thejaswini overnight. We have had petrol being stolen/tires being deflated or damaged, what next? Anyone listening?

  5. Thats’ real bad news. i10 is really in bad shape. If its a truck, definitely the records will be there , as it needs to unload/load some stuff.

    Fellow co-drivers, if you don’t know how to park your cars, please don’t bring the car to office. Normal rule, cars need to be parked parallel to the yellow lines and better be in centre of the yellow portion, so others have ample space.

    Thejaswini bikes. What to say? Each bike on top of other bike. Better park your bike properly and take care of your neighbouring bikes. Really there is space shortage.

    When 90% of the white collar employees can afford a car or bike in technopark, space will be a constraint.

    Otherwise you need to follow the suit of infopark, where it is mandatory to rent out the space for parking your vehicle or keep your vehicle out of gate. Then there wont be a issue.

    Regarding security guards, how will we allot? For every 100 vehicles, one security guard. or for every 500.