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Le Mantastic: Now You can Get a Complete MakeOver in Trivandrum!>  Makeover studios are common in metros, but now in Trivandrum you can get a complete makeover with the very first makeover studio Le Mantastic, a personality & style makeover studio founded by two youngsters in the city .  From clothes to accessories, hair to skin, from style to aura, the studio take care of the holistic makeover.

We Make You Look FANTASTIC On All Your Special Days

“At ‘Le Mantastic’, we do not want to change you. We want to show you the best you. Tall or short, dark or fair, slim or full, there is a fantastic man inside you. We just bring it out for you to be proud of and your loved ones to enjoy” Avaneesh and Peter told to

The makeover process includes 3 sessions:

Session 1 : Personality & Style Awareness  (This session is absolutely FREE as an opening offer)

During this session, they will analyze your personality and looks; thereby giving you a complete awareness about your hidden strengths & talent, and how to project them to your advantage. The team will give you a clear idea about the colours, the fabrics, the designs, the style and the skin treatments which are most suitable for you. After the first session, you will go home as a more confident man.

Session 2 : Style Setting & Shopping

During this session, the team will source/shop your clothes and accessories, decide on your hairstyle, and your skin grooming. The expert tailor would take measurements for your impeccable fittings. During this session, you will have a clear idea about how you will finally look on your special day. After the second session, you will go home a more excited man.

Session 3 : Ultimate Makeover & Grooming

During this session, the makeover and grooming process is executed. Experts will transform you into the Fantastic Man that your truly are. The third session will end with a photoshoot which is a special ‘Le Mantastic. After the third session, you will go home as a Fantastic Man!

From mischievous Boys to reputed Senior Citizens, ‘Le Mantastic discovers the unique personality in all age groups.

Personality Development:  Through a professional session, will discover the hidden strengths and talents in your personality and make you aware of them. The team will guide you and empower your to enhance those strengths to make your personality shine. And when we combine it with our expert grooming, you would transform into that charismatic personality which you truly are.

Style Management

Through the finest process, the team will redefine your style quotient and bring out the real star in you. Elegant or flamboyant, subtle or outrageous, classic or retro or futuristic, we style you in your own unique way. Our style speaks volumes about you, and with their expertise, let your style be your unique signature!

Holistic Makeover

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Interview, Audition, Portfolio, School/College Events, Festivals or Parties, we make you the star of each event.  The holistic makeover process will transform you into the centre of attraction of every event. Come to Le Mantastic, and let you be the show-stealer of every event you step into.


To book an appointment
Ph: 9567059200
Email : [email protected]


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