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Diesel or petrol – Which Car to Buy?

petrol or diesel car - which car to buy

Diesel or petrol – Which Car to Buy? – This is a the big question every potential car buyer faces.Ofcourse for the time being the  price of petrol is higher than diesel. but since the govt removed the price control, the oil companies are going to increase the price of diesel step by step, and it may reach the same price as the petrol in future. The fuel prices are not only the factor to decide which cars you have to buy. let’s see some other factors as well

Cost of the Car

If we compare petrol and diesel variants of a car, its evident that the diesel variants are minimum 1 lakh more expensive than its petrol counterpart. If we are going for any top end model, the diesel variant is on an average more expensive by Rs 3-4 lakh.

Cost of Loan or The Actual Cost of your Car

Most of the cars are bought on a loan. Means when we calculate the cost of the car – understand that the cost is not the actual cost, but the amount of interest you have to pay in a period.  if we compare a Rs 5 lakh (diesel car) and Rs 4 lakh (petrol car) and you pay a rate of interest of 12% per year for a term of 5 years, the total cost of the diesel car will come to 6.67 lakh, while the same for the petrol variant will come up to Rs. 5.33 lakh. Relative difference is Rs1.77 lakh for diesel but for the petrol its 1.33 lakh after the loan, as compared to the cost of the car itself.

Fuel Cost

There will be always a price difference between petrol and diesel. but this difference is because of  diesel is a subsidized fuel, but that may not be for long. Good possibility, that in the future the subsidy may not longer be available, and the price of diesel may reach up to the price of the petrol. As far as mileage goes, a diesel car is a better bet than petrol one.  Average mileage of a petrol car is around 15km/ltr, when the diesel engine will give av average of 21km/ltr.

Cost of Maintenance

The the cost of maintenance of a diesel car is also slightly higher than a petrol car, If a well serviced petrol car would cost you around Rs 2, 000 to Rs 3, 000 every six month for maintenance, a diesel car will easily make a hole in your pocket by a thousand rupees or even more. Especially when the car is getting old, the maintenance cost of diesel engine would be many fold than a petrol car.

Resale Value Of Car

Depending on models, A diesel car will surely give you a better resale value as compared to a petrol car. But still the cost of maintenance of a used car is may folded than same petrol car.


So, you have to consider these facts and analyze thoroughly before deciding which car you wanted to buy. If you have at least 35-50 km travel daily. its recommended to buy a diesel car. else go for a petrol variant.



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