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Controversy about Job placements at Technopark!, 2015): Time and again we hear this news about companies defrauding the job seekers  in the guise of internships/  training with job assurance at Technopark.  Every time some incidence happen, authorities wakes up and issues some notice to some companies and a press release and the matter ends there without decisive actions. Some of the companies which resorted  to  this wound up,  others discontinued  on notice from park, but many others continue discretely.

We need to  examine the reasons for this and take decisive steps to prevent future occurrence of this malaise, instead of painting everyone with the same brush or providing opportunities to media to celebrate  scandals in 3rd page news and gossip  columns.

Why does this happen?

One of the main reasons for occurrence of this issue has been unhealthy practices started by TBI of providing incubation space to all and sundry without verification of the credibility or  business plan.

Many young people set up establishments merely because they have space available and they want to carry the tag of a CEO of a technopark company. They have not done their home work with regard to viability of business nor do they have committed customers. Once they find that they do not have sufficient cash flow to sustain  the operations, they resort to easy ways of advertising for training/ jobs and promise salaries and experience certificates. This cycle is not sustainable, leading to complaints from those who have paid the money, once they find that the salaries are not being paid. The current start up policy of the government is likely to create many such organizations, unless it is  cleaned up.

Job  seekers themselves prefer short cuts . Instead of  enrolling in credible institutions, with proper track record, job seekers, join companies which promise job assurance, experience certificate etc only to discover later that they have taken the wrong steps.

What we can do:

Instead of  knee jerk reactions which lasts only for few days technopark can do the following:

Guide job seekers to right place:

Technopark had set up two finishing schools, AABC for communication by Shashi Tharoor and Faith InfoTech Academy for Technical skills and ILP programs in 2009. The first wound up and Faith InfoTech has been providing credible service to job seekers by training and placing over 1000 candidates in various companies the park itself. This has given a window to candidates who cannot otherwise find a job.

Many companies from the smallerst largest  gained from this opportunity to recruit trained candidates. Technopark should guide jobseekers to its accredited training provider, so that candidates who are serious about enrolling for the training can do that. Once candidates are aware of legitimate ways to get good quality training and placement opportunities,   fraudsters will have no room to operate. Technopark can publish a link to training @technopark with list of approved training programs, just as a list of jobs are published on its website

Guidance at Security Desk to job seeksers:

All candidates who come for jobs/ training would report at any the security desks at the gates/ various buildings. Therefore  it would be a good to identify candidates reporting for possible job interviews and hand them  a note of caution them not to pay for jobs and also list of accredited training programs to prevent their paying to companies to get jobs.

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  1. How to allow “Faith Infotech” to canvas people for training @ Technopark. Only Faith Infotech is a holy space of Training @ Technopark. Bull SHit!!!!

  2. This is a big problem – Companies offering training, experience certificate and job offering by taking money from candidates.

  3. It is happening for a long time. Small companies are considering it as a parallel revenue source. They give many offers to the candidates – but at last similar complaints will be there. Give realistic promises – If you can’t assure placement – please tell it in advance.