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How to get a Job in Technopark? A Guide for Freshers!

HowtogetjobTechnopark > Many people, especially many freshers wanted to get a job in Technopark. But not many job seekers doesn’t know the very basics of getting a job in Technopark. Here we are giving some very direct practical advice’s, which will help you to get your dream job in Technopark.

Decide it First – Which IT job you want ?

Before applying for a job in Technopark, you have to decide which kind of job you like, or wanted to get. in IT companies there are many jobs like -Programmer, Tester/Quality controller, graphics/web designer, Finance, HR, technical writer, Business analyst etc… so the very first thing is to find which job match with your profile and qualifications and experience ( if any)- and more than everything – Your interest.

Prepare a ‘Good’ Resume

According to your tastes, interest, experience and qualifications, prepare a good resume – not too short or too long – maximum two pages. Provide the necessary information to  the receiver to analyze your competencies for the job position you are applying for. for example, if you are applying for a programmer’s position, just mention your expertise and experience ( if any) in programming , mention any hobby project / college project you did, any certifications or additional qualifications you acquired etc.

A brief cover letter is always good, and it can add an extra mile for your job application.

Search for job, Both Online and Offline

Searching for a suitable position is the next important step.  Search in both online and offline. Technopark jobs are listed in the websites like and Many online job portals like Naukiri, Monster etc are also publishing the jobs in technopark. Search them and find the best matching one for you. Send your resume to the mail id given in the job board, along with a cover letter.

Please remember some very important points while you apply for jobs online

  • DO NOT send your resume for multiple job positions in the same company. the company may consider you are a job seeking spammer. and ignore your resume .
  • DO NOT send the resume from any fancy mail ids like [email protected] – create a decent looking mail id with your name – like [email protected] and use that mail id for sending your resume and other official communications.
  • DO NOT send your resume without any subject / body in mail. always put the mail subject, they suggest or the job name and include a simple cover letter in your mail body.
  • DO NOT beg for a job in the  mail. in some mails we witnessed for some stories, and the hardships in life because of not getting a job.  and requests like – ” i will do anything if you give me this job” or “i don’t know this technology, but i can learn this within one week if you give this job” etc. Appear like a professional and describe your caliber and skills for the job you are applying for.

Offline job searching is also very quick and effective. Like, if you know someone who is working in a company – ask him/her to let you know when a job position available there. and tell him/her to refer you. Employee referrals are very effective and quick, so that there is a great chance to get that job. ( But make sure that, that person knows you and can vouch you).

Nobody Likes a dumb Fresher – Learn something!

Even if the companies may call for a fresher, they are looking for someone with some basic skills in IT ( both technical and non technical). so any qualifications in that areas will give you an advantage for getting a job. If you are looking for a programming job, learn some programming and get certified. Do something by your own without the compulsion of others or as part of the training. Companies like people to do something by their own, and taking responsibility and work with minimal or no supervision. And mention your achievements in the resume or in interview time.

Appear professional during Interview 

Appear very professional in interview, both in the attire and in the attitude. Don’t be freaky or Don’t care attitude when you appear in-front of the interview board. Be serious and professional. Answer the questions with confidence and clarity.

Hope it helps. we will be publishing more such helpful articles in future. please send ask your questions and doubts in the comment section at the bottom of this page.


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  2. Very useful article. Its very helpful for job seekers. Good job team….!!

  3. This is very informational and valuable tip for a fresher like me. these are the common mistakes the freshers makes, ( including me. i did almost everything mentioned in this article). thanks for correcting it. and please publish such useful articles again.

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  5. very helpful article. it helps everyone looking for a job

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