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Chentharadi – A short film by techies based on a true story wins several accolades

“Chentharadi” – An award winning short film made by a group of techies tells the story of an autistic man and the two worlds that he lives in. One is a world that is filled with his dreams, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The other is how everyone around him perceives him – where he is sick, troublesome and a burden.

Based on an incident that happened in front of Trivandrum Medical College, the film is an eye opener for us as a society and tells us how differently abled people also deserve to live in this beautiful world like all others. The film has already garnered several awards from various film festivals all over the world.

As the name suggests, there are two different shades or two different worlds that the story talks about. One, where an autistic man inhabits – with his colors, innocence, dreams and feelings. The other, where the others live in – where they see him as sick, helpless and troublesome. The story was developed based on a true incident that happened in front of Trivandrum Medical College, where an elderly woman was struggling to manage her Autistic son in a bus with mute spectators looking on. From that silence, came the thought – What would be going through the mind of this simple, innocent, autistic man? And what do others think of him?

The crew

Directed by Directed by Anoop Das (Allianz Technology), The main protagonist is played by Adarsh Madhusoodanan, working with Allianz Technology, Technopark, who delivers a stellar performance as the autistic person. He is well supported by Pradeep Joseph (UST Global) and Sangita Iyer. The film was written by Dileep Pulickamalil (EY) and The soulful background score was given by Dr.Praveen (Allianz Technology). The film is produced by Lalu Sudharman (IBS).



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