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How to crack UPSC along with an IT career ? FREE Seminar For IT Professionals

Preparing for UPSC civil services along with a job can be a Herculean task especially for a tightly packed IT professional. Still it is possible if you have the right plan and right guidance.The approach has to be different considering the limited time available for studying, compared to a normal aspirant.

For a better clarification on how you need to approach UPSC with a job aside, TechnoparkToday in association with iLearnIAS conducting a workshop on January 15 2022 via Zoom meet. This workshop can be a game changer for all IT professionals who still dream of becoming an IAS officer but uncertain of the path to reach the dream.

Highlights Of the Seminar:-

  1. Introduction to the exam and process
  2. Introduction to exam syllabus – what to study and more importantly what not to study?
  3. How to prepare for UPSC by investing 2 hrs a day?
  4. How to get maximum value for time invested ?
  5. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of learning process.
  6. How to effectively read the newspaper and get a grip on current affairs without making any detailed notes?
  7. How to maintain consistency in preparation amidst work pressure and odd work timings?
  8. Interactive session to clear any doubts and queries regarding UPSC exam

Enroll yourself for the session ( google form):-

TechnoparkToday will conduct reguar seminar’s and workshops of IT professionals in Technology Sessions, Career, Upskilling, Alternative careers etc. Stay tuned for regular updates.

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