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Career Advice for the IT Certifications

With your career, you are going to spend more than 2/3 of your life and of course, a good and right career option can make a significant difference to your lifestyle. You don’t only get high wages with the successful career, but also a good career option is accompanied with relief, happiness and satisfaction of having a bright and comfortable future ahead.

Life is like the one time journey and one must have the capability to take a good decision at the right point of time, because your journey will only depend on the path shortlisted by you. To take a decision about your career option is not at all tough, but it demands on the thorough research and your interest. A Career Advice from a counselor can be a good option to initialize the phase of researching a good career and beneficial career option for you.

Well, selecting the career option in IT certification can be very beneficial. There has been a rapid increase in IT sector for the past one decade, not only in the developed and developing countries, but all across the globe. Even the underdeveloped countries are doing pretty well in this sector. This field is jam-packed with career opportunities and to pick the best one for you, surely you need a commendable Career Advice.

The IT certifications boast tremendous number of benefits. The technology professionals generally classify the career options of this field in two different categories. One is the vendor specific programs with the aim of measuring the candidate’s skill, while the other is vendor independent program, which is regarded as the only way to measure the real world of expertise.

With the effective Career Advice from a counselor, you can pick any of the top IT certifications to shape up your career with a kick start.

  • MCITP – The new generation MCITP i.e. Microsoft Certified IT Professional, is believed to be the next big Microsoft Certification Program. MCITP Certification provides many career options to an individual like database developer, Server administrator and database administrator. However, before promoting one to a new designation, the individual needs to pass the Microsoft exams.
  • MCTS – The Microsoft certification helps an individual to develop its skills in the field of installing, trouble shooting and maintaining through the means of a specified Technology.
  • Security+ – Security continues to be the most crucial feature of any sector and probably it is not going to change for the coming years, especially in the IT sector. The Security+ accreditation offers the proficiency along with the security fundamentals. You just need to crack one examination to build a career with this IT Certification course.
  • CCNA – The CCNA IT Certifications is the most vital factor for the glory of most of the IT companies located all over the world. Cisco CCNA accreditation is considered as the powerful tool for the professionals to enhance their skills in networking, with just a few months of experience.

You can pick any one of these for you. You Prepare yourself for world Top IT Certification with Selftest Engine, outstanding eaxm practice software provide you everything that you you require for Exams practice. A good Career Advice is all that is needed to shortlist the most suitable one for you. Every IT Certifications has its own pros and cons, but what matters the most is your interest and your convenience. For instance, a person is very good with the networking skills, so he/she should opt for the CCNA IT Certification while the ones good in DBMS, should go for the MCITP.

So, is advisable to have a Career Advice from your counselor before you decide to choose one of the several IT Certifications, in order to build your career.


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  1. But how much value addition is there in your resume by these certifications?

  2. It is important to choose a career that has a future. Thank you for the comprehensive list of benefits. IT does have a future,most things are becoming more technological advanced. It sure does require you to update your studies and knowledge from time to time as it so rapidly changes but there are many advantages too and I believe that you reap what you sow.