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Which smartphone OS is for me?

So you’ve decided to buy a smartphone. And confused by the choice of phones? Here is a guide to choose your OS


There are phones, and there is the iPhone. No other phone in history has gathered as much attention as the iPhone, and that is not without a reason. Be its sleek looks, its ease of use, or its smoothness and stability, the iPhone is a cut above the rest. For India, however, it is priced rather steeply at around Rs.35,000. Also, one of Apple’s much-touted advantages, the millions of apps, does not include much India-specific ones. If you demand the best, and are willing to pay the price, look no further.


Android rose to fame in a rather short time, thanks to its promotion by Google. Like the iPhone, there are millins of apps for Android, and notably, there are a lot many India-specific ones. Android phones are available for a wide range, from Rs.6000 way upto around Rs.40,000. Note that Android still does not support Indian language fonts, so if you intend to read local language papers in Android, it is not possible now. A wide range of OS vesions are also available, choose one from Android 2.2 or above.


This one is for corporates and unmatched in its synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. It is stable and secure, without sacrificing its ease of use. However, Microsoft has joined hands with Nokia to bring out Windows Mobile 7 phones. Given Windows Mobile’s tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office, the days of Blackberry are numbered. It is best to avoid this.

Windows 7 Mobile

Microsoft is hoping to repeat its success with Windows 7 desktop OS in the mobile world also. Teaming exclusively with Nokia, which do make really good handsets, was a great step forward for Microsoft. With MS Outlook and MS Office tightly integrated into this OS (for free), it is sure to have the corporate sector hooked. But one will have to wait for an year or so, to have the stable product from the Nokia-Microsoft team.


The old war horse is still not dead! If you are short on cash, but need a great smartphone, try any best-selling Symbian phone. There are not many apps, but Symbian has legendary stability, call quality and a battery life which will put every other smartphone OS to shame. With Nokia essentially killing it, however, its future looks bleak.

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