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Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Vithura, Trivandrum

Are you looking for a break from your hectic work schedule? If so, Vazhvanthol would be a perfect spot for rejuvenation and relief. The Vazhvanthol waterfall is only 45 KM from Trivandrum city, in the Bonacaud region.

The main attraction of this place is its easy accessibility combined with its sheer beauty and calmness. From Trivandrum one need to travel via Nedumangad, Chullimanoor, Vithura, Bonacaud road, by taking right deviation after Vithura.

From Vithura, take Bonacaud route, after 10-12 km, there is a forest check post near Kanithadam. This is the same check post for the Bonafalls and agastyaarkoodam. Entry charges are Rs. 35/- per person and Rs. 25/- for the vehicle. You can proceed further for around one km from the check post in your vehicle and need to walk 2.2 KM through the forest after the parking slot near the settlement area. It will take about one to one and half hours, depending on your ability, to reach out the blistering waterfalls deep inside the forest.

When you reach the top, You can enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and many rare specious of birds, the atmosphere is calm and rejuvenating. But be extra careful while when you walk over the rocks there, because they are slippery. There are no forest guards, but you can still get some guides from that place.

There is a lake, down in the forest, where you can get bamboo rafts, but please keep life jacket with you, because some parts of that lake is very deep and frozen. But that would be very adventurous and thrilling to raft through that natural lake.

There are no major tour operators offering the trips to vazhvanthol, and not many visitors that too often. so you can enjoy the real beauty of the place in a very calm and natural manner. Hotel Rohini International in vithura( Phone: 0471 857337) were operating a daily package to vazhvanthol including the guides and food ( breakfast, Lunch and dinner) earlier. Lunch will be served within the forest itself, and that is a very good experience. especially once after you finished with the trekking. Their shefs are really good, and you can enjoy Naadan Kappa,Meen curry with other dishes. They used to arrange you the facility for the team building activities in their resort ( if you opted for that).and charges are very reasonable, and their hospitality is really good and worth for every penny you give them.

So, when you plan your outing next time, Vazhvanthol would be a perfect choice.

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  1. Nice information.
    i had gone there 2 times,but i didnt find lake over there… 🙁

  2. From Feb 6 ,tourists are not being allowed to visit Vazhvanthol .People visiting there is causing disturbances to the tribals living nearby ,So currently government has issued an order to stop tourists visiting the place .:(..
    Lets hope the government will find some alternate solution to the problem ..

  3. Nice presentation about the waterfall. However, we failed to find out the lake you mentioned in your article. We walked 2.2 km from the check post to the waterfall and spent hours there (even climbed up the top of the waterfall) but missed the natural waterfall.

  4. The lake is there, but near to the basement, even just before starting the planted manjiyum. you have to take a left turn and this is a different route, almost 1 km to walk. You could have ask to your guide or any locals there. we went there, and the place where the lake is located is a very beautiful and serene place. wonderful experience. thanks for giving such a very detailed description about this place. thank you so much. and expecting more…

  5. Nice post, ya it’s a beautiful place.

  6. @Shibin Its Opened now and tourist are allowed iniside..Only thing is we have to leave the forest before 5 or 5:30