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Trenser Inaugurates New Facility at Technopark, Marking a New Era for Kerala’s IT Industry

Technopark Trivandrum: Trenser, a global software product engineering services company based in Trivandrum, celebrated its 7th anniversary by inaugurating a state-of-the-art facility at Thejaswini Building, Technopark. This expansion signifies a major milestone for Trenser, fueling growth and injecting a significant boost into Kerala’s IT industry. Over the next 18 months, the expansion is expected to create around 200 new jobs, attracting fresh talent and seasoned professionals in AI, data engineering, and other advanced technologies.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by esteemed guests including Dr. Saji Gopinath, Vice Chancellor of Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology, and Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd.), CEO of Technopark. The event underscored Trenser’s vision of growth and its significant contribution to the deep tech sector in Kerala.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Chairman of Trenser, highlighted the importance of the new facility: “This expansion fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. With over 400 employees currently managing with a hybrid work approach, the new facility will better integrate new employees and support our global customers’ next level of growth.”

The new facility spans over 50,000 square feet in Technopark Phase I, featuring a modern and open seating arrangement with plush interiors, reflecting Trenser’s commitment to a friendly work culture and flat organizational structure.

Dr. Saji Gopinath emphasized the significance of such expansions, stating, “Trenser’s growth showcases Kerala’s robust IT ecosystem. Their focus on advanced technologies like AI, Analytics, and Data Engineering positions them at the forefront of innovation.”

Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd.) added, “Technopark has always been a hub for technological advancement, and Trenser’s new facility enhances the deep tech services ecosystem here.”

Mr. Jayachandran Nair, CEO of Trenser, elaborated on future prospects: “We plan to add around 200 new jobs in the next 12 to 18 months, ranging from fresh talents to experienced professionals in technical and management streams, to cater to the needs of Fortune 500 global customers in areas like AI, Analytics, Data Engineering, IoT, and Imaging Technologies.”

Mr. Anil Chandran R., CTO of Trenser, noted, “Our goal is to sustain and scale operations by fostering high competence among our team members. This vibrant new space will help us better serve our global clients across various verticals, including Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Consumer, and Media.”

Trenser’s expansion is set to boost confidence among customers, potential clients, and employees, showcasing the company’s sustainability and growth plans. In addition to its development center in Trivandrum, Trenser has subsidiaries in Japan and Canada. Their excellent track record in the Japanese market, known for its stringent quality demands, is driving business growth in other geographies as well.

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