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The Unsung Heroes: Techie’s documentary on ambulance drivers, preview on May Day>> You may be familiar with this quote, which is famous on social media; we are living in a country where Pizza reaches faster than ambulance. We ROFL and forward it our friends. There is a lot of negative social stigma attached to ambulance services, mostly because ambulances in India are often used for carrying the dead rather than transporting patients.

A few Techies from Technopark genuinely thought of throwing some light on the grey areas of ambulances services. The team has produced a documentary film titled as ‘’ The Unsung Heroes’’. The title gives perfect narration about an ambulance driver, who is equally important to paramedic and doctor while transporting a patient.

The film expected to bang negative social stigma and destroy bad myths about ambulance services. Primary focus of the film content is about untouched emotions of ambulance drivers across India who put their lives in risk to save a life.

            Baburaj Asariya

A First look poster of the movie was unveiled last week and has been garnering very good response across social media and other public platforms. Some stalwarts of the Malayalam film industry like Jayaraj (Director) ,Lijo Jose Pallissery (Director), Govind Padmasoorya (Actor), Indrajith.S (Cinematographer) etc. has already expressed their appreciation to the crew.

The crew is excited to preview the film during International Labour Day 01 May 2017 in theatres.  The Captain of the Crew is Baburaj Asariya, the man who visualized the theme and spent nearly 2 years of his time to make his debut as Writer, Director and Producer. As you know captain alone can’t sail the ship, the crew includes Krishna G as Director of photography, Music by Sreenath S Vijay, Edited by Sandeep Fradian , Audiography and SFX by Vijaya Sooryan V.B, Executive producers Suhas Bannur Anantharamu and Prasanth R P and Sub titling Atmaboth.


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