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Technopark – The Paradise of Job Seekers

Technopark is the very first organization in kerala, which changed the common man’s perceptions about the job forever. In a state, where most of the youth were looking for the white color govt job, this IT organization opened a new era of unlimited opportunities.

Today, Technopark hosts more than 250 individual IT companies with more than 30,000 workforce, one of the biggest workspace in the state. It also provides 90,000 indirect jobs in and around the technopark campus.

The exciting days are yet to come, the IIIrd phase development of Technopark in 90 Acres and the Technocity works are already started. and it is estimated that, at least 100,000 new IT jobs will be created within next 5 years.  the Third phase of technopark itself will contribute 25,000 new job openings.

The second phase of technopark is almost completed, the main companies in the second phase are Infosys and UST Global, and they will provide 20,000 new job openings when their campuses start operation.

Big brands like Oracle, HCL, CTS etc are already started their operations in Technopark. Technopark will be one of India’s biggest IT Satellite Townships in two years when Technocity starts full-fledged operation – Job Openings in Technopark, Technocity, Infopark, Cybercity, Smartcity


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  1. Technopark is the pride of kerala.

  2. CTS started its operations in Technopark? Did not know that.

  3. IBM, CTS and Oracle – The big giants in Technopark. wow..

  4. Hope our state’s IT growth doesn’t get stop by politics & Unions..

  5. CTS is not in technopark yet