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Meet the Techie freaks from Technopark!!!

freekers final image>> January 6, 2014:  What could a ‘freaker’ do when he or she gets in the middle of formal-wearing professionals?  Even if they get into formals at office, they cannot fully resist their urge to flaunt their pony tails, goatees and skimpy outfits.

Techies, whose job demands neatly pressed formals, vent out their irresistible urge in a facebook page – Technopark Freakers. The recently-launched FB page is now a bit hit among fashion-loving young techies, who share their best pictures and selfies in the page.

Arun Raj, the man behind the FB page, told TechnoparkToday, the page was launched to express his interest as a freaker and he found several persons with similar interest through FB. “I joined Mirox Cyber Sceurity and Technology Pvt. Ltd in Technopark soon after passing out from my college.  But as a person who enjoying living in freak world, I thought of using the virtual world to the most possible extend to showcase our interests.  I presented this concept in my company and got overwhelming support from our MD, Rajesh Babu and the team,” Arun said.

After Arun and his friends started uploading their ‘freaky’ pictures, they got a huge response from other techie freaks.  “We are getting numerous emails from techie girls and boys asking us to upload their photo in the FB page.  We also got support from some fashion photographers from Technopark who could make the best clicks,”  Arun said to TechnoparkToday.

The freakers are planning to expand their activities by conducting freaky photo contest among techies.

Visit Freakers Page>>


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