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Smart City Kochi: Kerala to take final decision Tuesday (16th November 2010)

Fisheries Minister S. Sarma Monday said that the state Cabinet will take the final decision on the Smart City project in Kochi.

The government doesn’t agree with the demand of Dubai-based firm TECOM for free hold land, he said.

The stands taken by the company are not in tune with the agreements signed by the two parties, he said.

Sarma, talking to the newspersons here, said that the company stands firm by its demand for having free hold on 12 per cent of the land as it was reiterated in a recently received letter too.


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  1. Why fisheries minister ? Why don’t we have an IT minster ??

  2. I feel that the Kerala government should abandon it’s efforts to negotiate with TECOM and cancel the contract with TECOM. At the same time, the government should invite top companies from abroad to invest in Kerala.