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Sexual harassment from Uber Taxi driver: Techie sought police help

file image>>  A women employee of Technopark, who availed an uber taxi service to reach home after office hours, had to face sexual abuse from the driver.

According to the complaint; during the ride, the driver made uncomfortable gestures towards the lady and she got panic and shouted at him and commanded to stop the car.  He stopped the car near Akkulam petrol pump.  He apologised and left.  She called her friend and with his help she reached home.

After reaching home, she complained to the uber and they sent an apology mail only stating this will not be repeated.

The lady was reluctant to file a formal complaint against the driver due to personal reasons, but she wants to make sure that this does not repeat to any other person.  Prathidhwani, the socio-cultural organization of Technopark employees, took issue up and sent an email request to Police department to consider this as a compliant and take necessary action towards the driver, with all the details including his phone numbers.

Police summoned the driver, but do to the lack of a formal complaint he was allowed to go after giving a warning.

“As an organization we were able to bring up the issue. We would like to sincerely congratulate and thank Pramod Kumar A (Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cybercity, Kazhakkoottam)  and his team for helping us in this regard” Prathidhwani officials said in a release.

Now a days people are heavily depending on online taxi services, and they are proven as cost effective and safe. but a very few incidents like this makes the reputation & trust to go for a toss. in another incident in bangalore, a Uber driver was using the phone number of  a techie girl to send her messages in whatsapp. in such complaints the uber gives a routine apology mail, and no action against the drivers.


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