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Rediscover yourself with Reiki, Now in Trivandrum!, 2017): The need for being healthy has never been as much as it is, now. These days, with the era of high paying tech jobs, also comes the burden of various health problems, which happen over the course of many months or even years, depending on the body’s immune system. Unhealthy lifestyle due to lack of regular sleep, as also wrong food habits give rise to such health issues. However, with the coming of therapies such as Reiki and Angelic healing, these issues would slowly be a thing of the past. These are systems of healing that don’t necessarily require faith or belief to work.

One such person who believes there will be a change in the lives of many, and that they’ll go back to the natural methods of healing is Angela Radhakrishnan, a Reiki Master and Angel Therapist. Fondly known as Anju by her clients, she wants to make a change in the lives of many, who feel lost and are unsure what life has to offer. She takes consultations in Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, and guides her clients to achieve a state of good health and a vibrant life!

Angela has been practicing Reiki and other occult sciences for over 15 years now. She started training people into Reiki, in Delhi, where she learnt the healing method. Over the years, she has guided many, and some even have their own healing centres today. She is a graduate in Tourism and Travel Management, from Delhi University and has worked in various MNCs and as a primary school teacher too! She is currently thinking of doing a PhD in Alternative Therapy.

Clients approach her either for a Reiki treatment or a Tarot and Oracle Card Reading. Common issues asked relate to career, relationships, and finances. Some that want to pursue the path of spirituality, also seek her consultation.

“I have always been interested in spirituality from an early age, and would sit in meditation for long hours. I loved listening to people, advising them, and it’s good to see when their lives completely change. People would share their worries with me, and I’d always gladly help them. This really made me aware of my life purpose of healing, counselling, and guiding people to create better lives for themselves” – Angela told to TechnoparkToday.

“I am a raw vegan and this helps me in my healing career as well. One feel light and full of energy. Just a raw vegan diet of fruits would help reduce so many of the diseases that people suffer from. Milk and other dairy products increase cancer cells, as also colds and infections. Food that is cooked has a very low vibrational frequency, thereby reducing and weakening our aura”, she says.

Angela is fond of dancing, and loves Latin, Arabic and Thai forms of dancing. She has travelled extensively in East Asian Countries for her work and has also taught in schools in Thailand. She is now a full time healer and teacher in Reiki and has a Facebook page, where she gets most of her clients from. She is coming up with a website too.

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