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Petrol Theft On a Rise in Technopark

petrol theft in technopark>>Though several complaints were raised against petrol theft in Technopark, the unfortunate incident continues.   The latest incident is petrol theft from a bike parked in the parking area of Periyar building.  Anurag Velekkattu, an employee of NeST, is the latest victim.  “I left the bike at the building due to heavy rain and took it the next day. After riding for a while, I noticed that the tube was cut and petrol was leaking through it. Petrol was taken out through the tube.  Luckily I saw it, otherwise a minor spark would have caused an accident,” said Anurag, who had parked his bike at the basement area of the Periyar building.  “For me, it was not just a theft but a life- threatening incident,” Anurag said.

Technoparktoday has reported such multiple issues in the past too.   Bikes and helmets too had been stolen from the parking space.  Techies are suspicious of the security men in the buildings. “The security men are from a private agency. There are doubts against some,” Anurag said.   Last year, a security man was caught red-handed by some techies for petrol theft from Thejaswini parking area.   Later, he was suspended from service; however, the new incidents show there is no change of scenario.

Employees who return after night shift suffer the most.  Usually they spend much time for the maintenance of their vehicles after the night-long duty.

Techies have serious complaints against the Technopark authorities for not taking proper action to find out the real culprits. Also there is a demand to set up surveillance cameras at various locations inside the Technopark campus.


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  1. Securities who are posted in this area should be held responsible for such incidents. Instead of being vigilant on these things, they are cozily sitting and reading news papers / magazines. It is high time for Technopark authorities to make sure high security on vehicles that are parked.

  2. Thanks for the post !!
    Even I was a victim of this petrol looting when i parked my bike near Nila parking area. There was no security people looking into this.
    Better to keep cameras in the parking area aswell in the other parts of technopark,
    which will be very helpful.

  3. It has been reported so many times about the petrol theft in technopark. it is very clear and evident that the people within the technopark campus behind this. and most of the times the security people were caught red handed.

    But many people were telling that they felt the same with their car as well. but they dont have even any idea on how someone can loot the petrol from cars. may be there are some techniques for that as well.

  4. To
    SECURITY Companies..

    Pay good salaries for SECURITIES and recruit the right candidate who is interested in SECURITY Job!! Please!! If it goes like this.. I dont think Security officers are needed for technopark. Only at main gate and back gate is enough!

  5. I lose my helmet from padmanabahm area. It was really shocking for me at that time but now I am used to this type of incidents inside technopark because I hear similar incidents a lot.

  6. You guys know, some of the supporting job people, in technopark – may be the it security, or drivers or cleaning staffs , daily wages people having some criminal records and history. there are no authority to check or verify this.

    When the criminals come to the campus, it would be an ideal place to excercise their activities, and if they can find another criminal, their job would be easy.

    So the companies should take utmost care and conduct proper background checking when hire some employees, especially in the places like Technopark

  7. I lost my helmet last thursday between 7pm to 9.30pm near the tejaswini SBT ….

  8. Rather than passing the bucket from one person to another…. i guess Park center should take some serious action against people who involved in it…..
    I guess there no point talking about security guards…because their primary job is to guard the place….which they really cant do while sleeping….i have seen security guards sleeping to the glory at nights when they paid to be awake…..
    There are lot places where its mentioned “No Smoking” but right next to that you can find security guards smoking….
    “Harmony at Work”…. I guess this saying has become a joke now…..

  9. Thanks for bringing up such issues in to the public. Strict actions should be taken against such cowards, because if it can happen in Technopark, it should taken as very serious matter.