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OSHO Meditation Programme @ Technopark>> For those wounded by the societal propaganda, meditation is the most healing salve. This revolutionary program is predominantly for the seekers of self-transformation and blissfulness. The workshop mainly includes the core essence from different types of meditations collected from a variety of cultures.

Zen, Sufi, Tantra meditations and healing sessions are lime lighting this event.

There is greater awareness among corporate leaders, politicians and celebrities about how meditation is an integral part of their life. The what, why and how of the meditation are often unclear. This issue can be clarified by attending the two days intense Osho Meditation Workshop organized and conducted by Sri. Swami Aum and his team in association with Vivekananda Study Circle(Socio Cultural Organization in Technopark) on 22nd and 23rd April in Technopark, Trivandrum.

For more details or registration, contact: 9947061372/ 8301830062


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