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Krishipura – A one stop organic shop in Technopark., 2018): When pesticide free and organic products are very much in demand, A group of passionate techies from technopark started an all purpose organic shop in technopark campus named – Krishipura.

Spread across around 2500 sq.feet, nearby Nila building ( towards the nila back gate), upstairs of the car parking. the krishipura serves pesticide free vegetables, fruits, nadan egg, fish, rice, flour, cereals, and other organic certified products.

the fruits and vegetables are collected locally well known sources, there are many farmers collectives they are collaborating with. they are also associating with the kerala agricultural university to check the presence of the pesticides to ensure its authenticity. those tests are conducing in a regular basis, and the certificated are available to verified by the customers.

“We have started a small farm with the help of techies and a few of our friends last year. Once we started selling the produce, it occurred to us why not start an organic shop. Though the market price differs, we have decided to fix it,” said Shiraz Ansari, CEO, Grid Designs Solutions to TechnoparkToday- the founder and idea behind krishipura.

“We are sourcing the fruits and vegetables locally, and we are sourcing the milk also from the local farms. many techies are in need of authentic cow milk, since people are not happy with the most of the cover milk available in the market, we have customers from most of the companies within technopark” – said Sunil Shamsudeen, the floor manager of krishipura

Krishipura is having an attached cafe also, where we can get food items prepared by using the organic products in the store. they sells special biriyani and snacks which attracts lot of techies there.

They have plans to create an organic taskforce within technopark, where the people who are interested to learn and do the organic farming can join, and krishipura will help them to setup the organic farms even in their balcony or terrus, and conducting training and support to grow your own food. and if it in excess, krishipura will help to sell them through the store.

It is their second shop in technopark. the first outlet is in pangappara ( near gurumandiram).One of the visions of krishipura is to equip at least 50% of tech community to start organic farming, at-least produce vegetables for their own need from their kitchen garden, concluded Shiraz.




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