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95% engineers in India unfit for software jobs, says survey, 2017): A recent survey claiming that 95 per cent of engineers in the country are not fit to take up software development jobs, addressing the shortage of talent in the IT and data science ecosystem in India.

Only 4.77 per cent candidates can write the correct logic for a programme which is the minimum requirement for any programming job, according to a study by employability assessment company Aspiring Minds

Over 36,000 engineering students form IT related branches of over 500 colleges took Automata — a Machine Learning based assessment of software development skills — and over 2/3 could not even write code that compiles

“Lack of programming skills is adversely impacting the IT and data science ecosystem in India. The world is moving towards introducing programming to three-year-old! India needs to catch up,” Aspiring Minds CTO and Co-Founder Varun Aggarwal said

“Sixty nine per cent of candidates from top 100 colleges are able to write a compilable code versus rest of the colleges where only 31 per cent are able to write a compilable code,” the report said.

This is a very serious concern especially when there are some growing need of talents in IT industry in the age of bleeding edge technologies, Industry can survive only if there are some constant supply of talents, with programming and technology knowledge. the biggest challenge is the big gap between the academics and industry, and there should be some bridging programs which can help to fill the gap between the industry and academic.


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