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One day session on Docker Container Technology @ Technopark- Register FREE now>>Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark Employees, Prathidhwani has always been at the forefront to enhance and explore the cultural, technical and social values of the IT community. Latest in the offering is the one day session on Docker Container Technology. All are invited to Prathidhwani Technical Forum’s One day Docker Session – Build, Ship and Run any App, Anywhere.

When: March 04th, Saturday, 10.30AM to 3.30 PM
Where: Travancore Hall, Park center, Technopark, Trivandrum.
Speaker: Neependra Khare, Founder and Principal Consultant CloudYuga , Bangalore.

The primary aim of the seminar is to introduce and familiarize Docker, the latest milestone in container technologies, among the Technocrats in side Technopark. Docker Container Technology will enforce the companies to provide their existing applications and new features to the end users in very easy and effective way with zero downtime .Docker Container Technology has created a new standard in changing the speed and structure of Software Development and Deployment. Main specialty of the technology is that it can be used as a process by which all those needed to run an application can be embedded in a single container image itself and also it is open source.

The training session is absolutely free and is meant for all those who are working in IT sector in side and outside Technopark.

For registration, visit:

For more details, Please do contact:

1. Bibin Vasudevan – 94460 84359 [ Convener, Prathidhwani Technical Forum] 2. Vishal Vijayan – 94477 78993 [Joint Convener, Prathidhwani Technical Forum]

This is the fourth consecutive Training session conducted by the Technical Forum. Prathidhwani had conducted training sessions in Selenium Automation Testing tool, Software Estimation Techniques, Google GO language before this.


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