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Dry Taps…Now AC Too Turning Off..! >> Techies reeling under severe drinking water shortage had another shock at Technopark on Thursday.  The air conditioning of the entire Tejaswini building had gone haywire on Thursday.  The central AC duct got leaked in Wednesday midnight and a company suffered major losses due to the water influx from the central AC on the building.

This summer has become a real testing time for the techies with insufficient water for nearly a week and no A/C for a day. For the techies in Tejaswni building, the so-called green Technopark was felt like a desert on Thursday.  Technopark host more than 35,000 employees, most of them paying professional tax and at least 25,000 paying the income tax; however, all has to remain mute spectators for the entire incidents.

Ariva Med, functioning at the L-1 of Tejaswini building suffered serious losses in the water influx.  Work of the company was hit following the incident which damaged equipment including server.

Other companies too have to bear the burnt.  A girl working in the basement of Tejaswini went unconscious due to insufficient flow of air.

Lack of enough drinking water is affecting techies in a bad way.  Food court in Tejaswini was closed due to lack of water supply during the morning hours.

If Technopark authorities immediately rise to the occasion, they could save the name of one of the largest IT hub in the country.


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  1. The central AC duct got leaked?? TP has to do a study on standard of the parts used in TP. Local contractors will do anything to fill their pocket but after 10 or 15 yrs TP would’nt be the same.. They should not just concentrate on phase 3,4….100. they have to maintain the quality and standard of existing spaces too..

  2. Today there was no a/c in Bhavani building too. so the employees in many companies suffered a lot, and some companies provided fans. but that wont work since there are no ventilation to exhaust the air.

    Also there were severe shortage for water in rest rooms. please fix these problems soon. I’m working in technopark for past 5 years and this is the first time, i’m seeing such a problem in Technopark.

    Anybody know, what is really happening here?

  3. Technopark Authorities is now behaving like those Govt Employees without any kind of professionalism. This so called representatives must not forget the basics requirements of business environment. If they do then plan some other purpose for the IT building structures that you are maintaining and building.

    Moreover recent behaviour of Technopark authorities are really pathetic whether it is arranging convoy on Hartal Day or giving necessary information regarding Road Traffic on festival locations (Attukal Pongala) or providing basic requirement like water.

    Technopark Authority Idiots we are not in desert but yet we are having Water Shortage means lack of proper planing or maintenance.

  4. being one of the biggest industrial space in kerala, the technopark is not self sufficient in the most important in many things

    1. Water resources
    2. Waste Management
    3. Fool proof Security

    These are the three things we need to address without any delay or failure. headcounts are adding in hundrads every day. but the basic facilities are same as it was when the technopark was started in 90s.

  5. These administrators have never heard the phrase “pro-active”. If they had been pro-active even a week back, we would probably have had enough water in the campus by now.

    Talking about security – LMFAO!!!

  6. Its really discouraging to hear these news!

  7. Luckily I left TP 3 months ago.