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Braemore Estate – The Best Trekking Experience!

Braemore Estate is one of the best trekking destinations in Trivandrum. Established by the British in 1880s, it is a tea, rubber, coffee and spices plantation.Fascinated by its natural beauty the British named it after a place in Scotland. A trekker’s paradiseit is also a great weekend hideout. The bungalows built by the British add charm to this high range holiday destination.

There are close to 50 waterfalls located in these 900 acres, including the Braemore upper water, Anatheri falls and rock garden falls. These waterfall points are great resting spots for trekkers. The famous hill station at Thiruvananthapuram, Ponmudi is only one-and-a-half hour trekking distance from here. This trail is enchanting as it is through forest and grasslands. The more exciting trekking path is the four-hour trekking route to Sarma peak or Varayadu kunnu where you can spot the Nilgiri Tahrs. Take a local guide while in Braemore otherwise it will be very difficult for trekking as you won’t be able to find any star accomodation. The cottages available there are meant for hardcore trekkers and not for a family leisure trip.

Take a local guide while in Braemore and spend the night in the tree top hut or in the Ramayana Cave. This cave beats any air-conditioned room. Ramayana Cave is in the top of a hill and its a very nice but a bit adventurous. If its a rainy season, leeches will be on the way. So keep some tobacco water, thats the best repellent for leeches.  The sunset and the views of nearby misty mountains from the ramayana cave is an amazing experience

How to reach Barimore Estate?

From trivandru m city you have to take the Nedumangad route. From Nedumengad you have to reach Palode Junction. From Palode take right and drive straight you will reach Braimore.

It is always good to give a booking atleast 1.5 weeks before your travel. Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset from Braimore Palace, which could be possible only with a local assistance.

For Assistance Contact Mr. Ani:-+91-9947609117

Photo Courtesy: Arun Nair


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  1. Thank you for passing on this kind of information. It is helpful and shows there are really unique and interesting off-the-beaten path things to do!! Can’t wait to see this place someday.

  2. Nice place for a one day hang out .

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  4. Braemore estate is good for bachelors and adventure seeking people. not good for a family out.

  5. good place and good description.

  6. Sounds like a trek worth taking…thank you for the info….

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  8. any photographs of the trek?.. will be very helpful 😀

  9. Braemore is really adventurous for the trekkers, the nature at its best and the place was full of surprises, you can read more about the journey from